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Playing restored images is a protected feature. Installation and Operating Instructions Data Lifetime Tab Use the Data Lifetime tab to enable or disable deletion of selected video data and to select mwnual cameras that will use Data Lifetime deletion.

Enter text from picture: Printer — This DBS connector provides the interface between the unit and the printer. For weekdays, weekends and holidays, select operating hours, recording modes and filters for each camera. If a tape problem occurs, the unit displays a message.

American Dynamics Intellex DV16000 Manuals

Repeat these steps until you are ready to enclose the target area. The Setup Options screen appears. Until an image is recorded, the filter options are disabled. Conflicts can still occur if the same camera is being controlled.


Click the Specific Filter indicator. If this option is selected, when alarms are played back the 15 Minute Index video will automatically start 15 rv16000 prior to the actual alarm.


At times, an archive operation may not fill a tape. The default is bps. Figure 12 — Multi-camera Playback The playback display is separated into 1, 4, 9, or dv1600 display panes depending on the selected display mode see Display Option on page If the tape drive is empty, the Intellex unit asks you to insert a tape.

The Search Mode screen appears. You can configure the Cameras, Security, Schedule, etc. When an alarm is detected, the unit increases the number of samples from the camera manua, with the alarm.

Index of /product-manuals/Intellex

Contact Sensormatic or your dealer for assistance. Standard Intellex Motion Detection may generate many false alarms, but within that list you may find the alarms that you need.

Select the desired Option Pack. From the main screen, click the Setup button. The pointer changes to if it is dragged to an invalid location.

Page Begin recording later Image Area — The Intellex unit displays both live and playback images in this area of the screen in the selected screen format. The data will be lost and the media will be ruined.

It also lists each video segment on the archive tape. Select the Range from the pull-down menu. Click Yes to save the image to the destination. For use with external storage dv160000.

For more information on generating alarms, see When the operator generates an alarm: Select the Use Single Camera Schedule option.


Page Installation and Operating Instructions 3. This dv1600 does not delete any segment time information. The unit will recognize the new device and a New Hardware Mankal message will appear briefly.

Then hold the mouse pointer over the last endpoint and double-click the button. Select this option to recover data from an archive tape.

Click the up arrow or down arrow or drag the scroll button up or down. Follow the directions included with the cleaning cartridge.

The unit can record at all times or only during alarms or filter events. To change the time setting, select the hour or minutes and click on the up or down arrow to specify the desired start time. Use this option to use alarm input information to search Alarm Input the image database.

Index of /product-manuals/Intellex

Archive — If the Digital Audio Tape DAT option is purchased, this progress bar indicates how much tape recording space has been used and how much is available. Image resolution does not increase; images are simply displayed over a larger area. The default is Normal. Super, Normal or Extended Record. Use the information in this section to install your alarm devices to the back of the unit. Use the scroll bar to display cameras that are mnual.

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