plwiki Dyrektywa ptasia; ptwiki Diretiva Aves; skwiki Smernica Rady 79// EHS o ochrane voľne žijúcich vtákov; slwiki Ptičja direktiva; svwiki Fågeldirektivet . “Natura “: Dyrektywa Ptasia – założenia, realizacja, perspektywy by Jadwiga Gromadzka() 1 edition published in in Polish and held by 1 WorldCat. watercourses, land threatened by erosion or to isolate of areas that may be endangered by pollution. Birds Directive (Dyrektywa Ptasia) – the EU directive about.

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Habitats Directive Dyrektywa Siedlis- kowa — aims at preserving the bio- logical diversity in the European area of EU member states.

dyrektywa ptasia i siedliskowa pdf writer

The Directive consists of 27 articles and 6 attach- ments, which refer to the legal, finan- cial and nature aspects of NATURA network. The directive is targeted at all or some of the EU countries.

The subsidy serves the purpose of the recipient to execute priority tasks from the donor’s point of view like government. The Nitrate Directive is imple- mented in Polish agriculture and is associated with the special require- ments and obligations, i. Each country applying for member- ship in the European Union is obliged to unconditionally accept the acquis communautaire. The basic rules of its implementation po- licy are the co-financing, partnership, programming and concentration of resources.

This might lead to the deformation of the land surface and destruction of the soil profile.

Under the ecosystem energy flows and matter circulates. The re- sources are distributed proportional- ly to the population, size of the coun- try and GDP per capita. The establishment of the network of protected areas should favour the preservation of the places of exis- tence of endangered dyreitywa and plant species, and the reconstruction of the population to a level guaran- teeing its sustainability.

The directive requires legislative, protection, control and monitoring activities in order to im- plement its provisions. It is important to keep vast genetic resources for future purposes such as acquisition of new more productive or disease resistant breeds, by utilising the existing features of the non-produc- tive organisms.


There is no payment for following UGFP. Under the program many data- bases were established in each member state since also in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania and Hungary designed according to the standardised me- thodology.

The Plan must be implemented whole over the country. Examples are interest on debt, property taxes, rent, land and buildings, other general farming costs and depreciation of plant, machinery and vehicles.

The objectives of these funds are stipula- ted under the Uniform European Act and they operate according to the following principles: Only grass should be used as underplanted catch crop and should be sown in the spring into the growing winter crops or together with the sowing of spring crops.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Zones for implementation of the Scheme I of agri-environmental pro- gramme. The recipient by law cannot change the dedication of the resources and spend the sub- sidy envisaged, for example to keep the hospital for the constriction of a city hall or study visit abroad.

The absorption capacity generally depends on the conditions, on which dyrekttwa resources are made available and on the level of the social-economic development of the region. Under the agricultural ecosystem the matter circulation is frequently inter- rupted, especially in intensive pro- duction, as it is delivered to the ecosystem in the form of fertilisers and removed along with the agricul- tural produce plants and animals produced on the farm.

Food composition and food consumption of the rook Corvus frugilegus in agrocoenoses in Poland by Jadwiga Gromadzka Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. The ecotone zones are usually cha- racterised by higher biological diver- sity than neighbouring biocenoses.

English 18 Polish 6. Keeping all local breeds and types by keeping for example non-productive varieties of plants and animals is task of biodiversity protection strategy. The sowing can be either single variety or a dyrktywa of 2 or 3 varieties, which ensures better coverage of the soil.


It was also assumed that agriculture does not have conditions to meet the com- petition on the global market. Denitrification occurs under anaerobic conditions and results in loss of available nitro- gen from the soil. The objec- tives of the Directive concern the protection and dyrejtywa of all bird populations living naturally in wild conditions, the legal dyrwktywa of trade and acquisition of game- -birds and counteracting some me- thods of catching and killing them.

dyrektywa ptasia i siedliskowa pdf writer

Its superior objective is the facilitation of the inte- gration of the agricultural sector with the EU through the acceleration of adopting EU acquis communautaire in agricultural domain, stimulation of rural development and restructuring of the food economy. Project Page Dyrekywa Known Problems. For example lichens may be used as indicators of air pollution.

The measures are aimed at balancing the circulation of natural elements in the agricultural ecosystem, reducing the negative impact of the economy on the environment, increasing biolo- gical diversity, maintenance of typi- cal agricultural landscapes etc. The selection of the varieties de- pends on the soil quality and moisture conditions.

Catchments are separated by divides watersheds. Results of bird ringing in Poland: The Birds Directive consists of 19 arti- cles and 5 attachments, which deter- mine in more detail the methods of its implementation. The cor- rect cultivation of catch crops pre- vents the contamination of water and soil erosion. The major tasks under the Habitats Directive also include the restoration of the lost values for the habitats, which performed or should perform the role of an important link within the network’s structure.

This shall be dyrekrywa by preserving the natural habitats biotopes and birds habi- tats, which are protected under the Birds Directive.

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