dziewięciu książąt amberu – Roger Żelazny. 2 likes. Book. Zesłany do Cieni poprzez czas i przestrzeń bohater budzi się pewnego dnia w szpitalu na Ziemi. Nie pamięta własnej (ISBN). Dziewięciu Książąt Amberu (Kroniki Amberu, #1) – Blanka Kluczborska, Roger Zelazny. Dziewięciu Książąt Amberu (Kroniki Amberu, #1). by: Roger Zelazny.

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Later Corwin shows that he cares for the realm and not just gaining power. What should be a fun and creative series to amveru is instead overwhelmingly bland. I’m officially past the point where I can give a synopsis and not give away too many plot points. Zelazny is willing to show you -anything- he can dream up, and his imagination alone is worthy of deeming this collection a classic. Roger Zelazny author Blanka Kluczborska author. These books are classic, not to mention necessary, if you ever want to play Amber Diceless Roleplaying – or get any Amber references in any other fantasy games.

Dziewięciu książąt Amberu

If you ,sit to read fantasy about “multiversums” stick to Moorcock’s Corum and forget about Zelazny’s Corwin. His papers are housed at the Albin O. The infinite shadow worlds idea was fairly unique, but we’re told how absolutely amazing Amber is and I wasn’t feeling it.

With no irony, this was the original game of thrones. The story being written in first person he was of course a hero to himself and his enemies were wrong all the time in the first book. However, he isn’t the only one assaulting Amber My second year was pretty much like my first, with the same finale. Wszak to klasyka literatury fantastycznej. Sep 11, Aless rated it liked it Shelves: It was a fast-paced enjoyable read. The premise is compelling. Msit Hand of Oberon: I know people who say they like to read books because it takes them places.


He has a unique voice and some of his descriptions were incredibly original. Clearly I had missed out on something very important and my impulse shopping was not in vain. I work on those parts down here.

Open Preview See a Problem? The transitions between worlds is so smooth and the language a perfect blend of contemporary and everything else. I’ve heard from different sources that the other part of the series concerning Corwin’s son are even weaker He won the Nebula award three times out of 14 nominations and kit Hugo award six times out of 14 nominations.

I’m officially ranking Amber up there with Moorcock’s Elric series the first six or so and Stephen King’s Dark Tower as my favorite fantasy stories royer all time. For expample, Dara’s first introduction: From there he encounters his family person by person. Through this style of writing, Zelazny weaves together a complex narrative told from akberu perspective of Prince Corwin of Amber, one of nine brothers vying to claim the throne o The Chronicles of Amber is a beautifully written fantasy series containing magic, epic battles, court politics and the occasional fratricide.

I might be a little bit too critical of these books, but color me unimpressed.

Dziewięciu książąt Amberu – Roger Zelazny • BookLikes (ISBN)

The twists are unexpected and the machinations of the nine princes of Amber are fairly reallistic. They do not stand alone and there is no point in reading any of them individually or out-of-order.

Zelazny continued to write dziewicciu short stories throughout his career. His ability to craft a story that immediately draws the reader in is remarkable. Everything else falls into two categories: Feb 14, David Dalglish rated it it was amazing.


And it turned out that some of the “evil” things done against him were not so evil after all.

Zelazny set up quite a number of interesting conflicts, which then resolved much too suddenly. I’ve heard great things about the Amber series for years, and I finally broke down and tried them. Sensing something amiss with his caregivers, and feeling more a zelasny than a patient, he escapes and begins to piece together who he is, what happened to him, and who is at the bottom of it all.

Nov 30, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: As a Prince of Amber, Corwin has the power to create whole new worlds out of shadow, so he literally makes things up as he goes along.

Sep 22, Mike the Paladin rated it it was amazing Shelves: The world of Amber could have zelazzny nice and interesting but Zelazny instead of elaborating it and make the reader to be interested in it just wrote extremely boring and repetitive junk about shifting the shapes in Shadows, and aimless empty rober between Corwin and his siblings.

Is he a cretin? Although I can tell it was inspired by the first book of the World of Tiers series, it’s far from being a ripoff.

But there was no one to surrender to, no one asking for a surrender. I would have been happy to find out more about the other siblings, especially the sisters as they are barely mentioned, only really in a derogatory way.

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