e-marketing et e-commerce Broché – 1 décembre Pascal Lannoo Corinne Ankri VUIBERT Noël. Pascal Lannoo et Corinne Ankri sont consultants en e-commerce, e- merchandising et e-marketing, thématiques pour lesquelles ils interviennent en France et à. E-marketing et e-commerce (Book): Lannoo, Pascal. Lannoo, Pascal. Book – | French | 3e éd. ill. ; 24 cm. Additional Contributors: Ankri, Corinne.

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For example, the brand previously mentioned, Uniqlo has worked f-commerce a famous American blogger14 who has become an important leader of opinion on internet and targeting a significant number of visitors per day in her blog. Although corunne is possible to use e-marketing more effectively it is also possible to set up a new model of e-marketing that will focus more on consumer expectations.

Today, e-marketing is a technical of commercial communication that is revolutionising the world of marketing in the ready to wear industry. However, after having evaluated all these models to determine if. This is the example of the social networks which now have a very high success from internet users. After six months spent surfing on the internet, the finding was simple that the brands go further that the simple referencing to be visible form internet users.

When facing this kind of commercial emails, sometimes customers might delete it all without even reading the emails or in other words simply ignoring everything. Thus, based on all the elements mentioned, the objective of a clothing brand working in collaboration with a blogger will elaborate a staging of the product to highlight it in order to generate the purchase to consumers.

Before coming up with an idea for a new e-marketing model, it was interesting to come across a better way of using the current e-marketing, which can result in the purchase of advertising space on dating sites because users may need to buy clothes to please. However, it is not so effective e-markteing achieving certain targets.

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Evaluation of the conquest of strategic internet space like dating sites: In order to full advantage of this opportunity, brands do not work with any type of blogger. This new model will take the form of a website creatable that will be adaptable to computers, smartphones and tablets thanks to different CSS pages which allow consumer to have access to the forum of the brand on any kind of medium.


Methodology for the choice of the subject: For a brand of the ready to wear industry that will adopt this model, it will increase. Mailing, pop-up banners, social networking sites and blogs are one of the good examples for e-marketing. However, I think that a good e-marketing strategy will not perceive directly as commercial from views of consumers but like a marketing which can improve their lives as we had gone through the new model.

In fact, a website allows a brand not only to showcase a range of products to its customers but also to update their products in real time whereas a hard copy catalog is not changeable after it is being published. The section of this forum will be important to the forum.

However, the manufacture of ration clothing is more expensive than a mass production to the company that is why the price will be more expensive e-comemrce to the normal pricing and just a selected line will be produced for this ration clothing. For clothing brand companies, social media are effective marketing materials because those are tools, which are powerful when there are used deliberately.

Moreover, e-magketing companies that uses e-marketing will definitely benefit more because it is inexpensive to start a website compared to the cost of putting up traditional marketing that uses media means that lannpo expensive such as television or even the cinema. Ignorance of the promotional offers of the brands: However, today this industry is competitive, the new model is a vital part of this report because it offers new ideas for this industry that will continue to attract customers e being innovative and creative to stand out from competitors and attract more attention for internet users.

Throughout this report it was interesting to discover that the E-marketing overflowed the support of communication pawcal benefits significant for the ready to wear industry. Are you talking about our brand around you? Thus, this support has helped Internet users around the world to watch it.

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Different dating sites famous illustrating a lack of E-marketing: Youtube 3 billion views a day on the site in For 18 years above Figure 21 Print screen of the first dating site of Europe. Thus, in order to gather relevant information I developed my research through different types of media such as: So the expected results of this forum will be to attract customers by increasing the brand visibility through the website and thanks to the petitioning of the current clients who will be attracted by the idea to participate on the creation of the new collection of the brand and they will feel closer of the brand.


The only big problem of this model is to find the solution to scan sizes of users through a simple tool like a web camera. Through this type of website, the main objective of the brand will be to obtain new customers that will be interested in a fashion stylist to help them with their new style and also by proposing them the products of the brand which are best suited for them.

Methodology for the choice of the subject:. Through this new model, brand will not broadcast promotion to attract directly customers but the brand will focus on the needs of internet users to respond to this e-marketing.

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In my opinion, the e-marketing is a good opportunity for brands because it allows a wide range of advantages which other types of marketing like traditional marketing or street marketing which is more expensive and reach an handful amount of customers. Then rumors may occur among consumers resulting to the desire not wanting to associate anymore with the brand and instead shop with others brands available. The first part of the methodology of this practical project is about the research question.

How do brands use the E-marketing to attract more customers?. First of all, through industrialization e-jarketing globalization, many companies of the ready to wear industry are present around the world as the example 7 Reference 7:

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