Some features of the EasyGreen MikroFarm™ The EasyGreen MikroFarm was developed out of the growing demand for organic health food. The EasyGreen’s. The Easygreen Automatic Sprouter has been reworked for with improvements that make it even better for growing a consistent and plentiful supply of. New! EasyGreen Light MikroFarm (v/50Hz) for sprouts, including alfafa sprouts, bean sprouts, broccoli sprouts. And for wheatgrass growing for wheat grass.

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The EasyGreen has grreen built-in water reservoir so that you can locate the machine in any convenient place, not necessarily near a water eawy. It is a hour dial, with little pins located every 15 minutes on the dial.

Goods purchased from one of our dealers and damaged during transportation between the dealer and the end user should be send back to the dealer. It is spring in New Brunswick, Canada and my 5-day sprouts are taking about 7 days which is to be expected. This sprouter is an ingenious idea!!

The misting and oxygenating automatic cycles assures quickest harvest. You May Also Like.

Damaged goods within transport: Click below to view the proof. The Easygreen lets you create the perfect microclimate for all your favourite sprouts and baby salads with complete control. Healthy sprouts require growing conditions which provide clean water, lots of oxygen and cooling. Refusal to accept a shipment will result in a shipping charge for both ways, in addition to the restocking fee.

Write your own review View all reviews 2. Cleaning is semi-automatic by adding 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide weekly through the machine at freen liter water level and then rinsing!! We are so confident in our technology that you may purchase an extended manufacturers warranty for up to 10 years! Disabling it will result in some sproutet or missing features.

How it works Seeds generate chemical heat during germination and need to be cooled to avoid mold and rotting. Nowhere else on the world Easily grow sunflower, buckwheat, and other seeds that people using other sprouters struggle to grow. The Sprouteg sprouter rinses automatically as many times as needed a day during the complete growing cycle.


Unlike other automatic sproutersthe EasyGreen sprouter uses a mist generator. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Your EasyGreen sprays a fine mist greenn oxygen simultaneously to the seeds, providing in abundance both cooling water and oxygenating air to the root systems.

EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter EGL 55

It’s dasy now made from BPA free plastic and has a quieter mister that is also more frugal with water. It likes a constant house temperature or it will mold. The EasyGreen enables sprout lovers to save money daily. This allows the developing root systems to take on a broader range of plant nutrients in case you prefer this to using organic liquid growth enhancers such as kelp in the sprouting water. I wish the height was a little taller, but that’s minor. sorouter

Grow your own vitamins, minerals, enzymes gren proteins in only 3 to 5 days and add flavour to your salads, soups, sandwiches and snacks. The EasyGreen sprouter uses a unique activations timer, allowing the grower to fine-tune the machine to his or her specific environmental conditions. Without cleaning, mold grows in the reservoir, and as well where the trays are.

I will work on coming up with some homemade system out of more reliable components. Inhibitors in seeds are the natural defense mechanism of seeds acting as a deterrent for germs and bugs. The built-in water reservoir allows the grower to add solutions that assist in disinfecting the crops, such as hydrogen peroxide. The new green shaded lid helps with this method and you can simply remove it to green up the sprouts at the end. To the full satisfaction of our customers.

Your EasyGreen uses rectangular cartridges and trays, allowing refrigeration of unused portions of a tray or ewsy using minimal space. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

I greenn I just need to harvest more quickly! Anyway great design that really works, and a quality build, great job to the inventor of this!!


This machine, when and while it works, is probably the best solution on the market; the problem is “when” and “while. I had an issue with seeds sometimes sprouting in the drainage holes and water backing up a little bit, not a big deal to solve, I just put a coaster on the side of the easy green opposite the drainage hole on the front and back leg to make it angle slightly to the drainage hole side and that solved the problem, it is entirely possible that my table wasn’t level to begin with, either way an easy fix.

Customer reviews

You can quickly add minerals and other liquid feeds to the water and choose whether you use bottled, filtered or any other water source to nurture your young sprouts. I use a high percentage hydrogen peroxide, they do recommend bleach.

The only thing I don’t like it having to sanitize it weekly as then process takes several hours. Harvest daily natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes. Our friend ‘Sproutman’ knows everything there is to know about this topic!

: Customer reviews: EasyGreen Micro Farm Sprouter Mist Generator & activation timer

If you want a great machine with a life expectancy measured in months no wonder this produce speouter has a 3 month warrantythis is the sprouter for you. Please try again later.

Your full name, address and telephone number. The EasyGreen sprouting appliance was developed out of the growing demand for organic health food.

Compared to a manual sprouter we had tested previously, the EasyGreen Light was very simple to use once set up. OK – I bought one of these some time back so I have tested this well before writing. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

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