Can I make a booking for persons other than myself? Of course. Simply Register or follow the booking process. Select journey and after login you will be asked. easyBus offers cheap airport transfers between London to Gatwick, Stansted and of 2 luggage items are permitted onboard for each easyBus ticket holder. You must Cancel the existing booking first, a cancellation/admin. fee will apply, the charge will be 50% of the value of the ticket (note this excludes the card fee).

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Then re-book with any new information, such as new dates of travel, new destination or changes to passenger names. In the event that an easyBus Service is cancelled or we are notified that the service is delayed by more than 15 minutes we will ficket to notify you of the delay and any alternative timetables as soon as reasonably practicable. Our maximum liability to you for any loss, damage or liability which you may suffer or incur as a result of our failure to carry you, our delay in carrying you, any breach of contract to carry you, our negligence in connection with carrying you, or the deliberate or negligent acts or omissions of any of our officers, employees, agents, representatives or sub contractors shall be limited to the cost of the easyBus ticket purchased for that journey.

Depending on the payment card used you may be charged a fee for this transaction. No refunds shall be provided if you miss the easyBus Service.

Input your account hicket address and password and click on log in. In many cases it is better to leave the booking as it is rather than cancelling a low fare booking and then making a higher fare booking.


What fares do you charge? Simply login to easyBus account and locate the booking s you wish to change. Simply Register using the right hand Customer Form.

How to book for London Airport Transfer

Post-journey Customer Feedback Post-journey Customer Feedback must be submitted via our contact us form within 28 days of the date of travel. Please see the “our prices” page on each route page. Please do NOT navigate away from this page whilst processing easybua taking place. Passengers wishing easynus travel more than 60 minutes before or after their booked travel time will be required to purchase a new ticket at the fare applicable at that time. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to.

Terms & Conditions:

Our liability is limited to that stated in these Conditions of Carriage: Should a passenger present himself or herself for travel with luggage in excess of the permitted amount as defined on the luggage allowance page and has not booked an additional seat s tickrt required for Additional Luggage, then carriage of the Additional Luggage will only be permitted upon payment for an additional seat s and subject to availability. Passengers wishing to travel more than 75 minutes before or after their booked travel time will be required to purchase a new ticket at the fare easybuus at that time.

We reserve the right to alter any timetables or suspend, cancel, withdraw or substitute any easyBus Service tivket terminate an easyBus Service once it has commenced, without notice whether before or after you have made a Booking.

Your credit will automatically be used towards your new booking s. Be abusive or threatening to any member of staff or any other person. This may take a few minutes. Board any easyBus Vehicle whilst seriously ill or suffering from any contagious disease.

We cannot easbyus dogs or any other animals on any easyBus Service, other than guide dogs accompanying registered blind persons and hearing dogs accompanying registered deaf persons. None of our employees, agents, or representatives, has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of these Conditions of Carriage.


Please note that if an infant seat is easbyus for the infant to be placed inticjet an additional seat must be booked and paid for in advance for the infant seat.

Booking tickets for other people – easyBus FAQs

Exceptional circumstances include, for example, where passengers are not able to travel owing to bereavement or on medical grounds in respect of which reasonable evidence is provided.

This will have to be repeated for each part of your journey and needs to be done for all changes required, including changing the number of seats. This is the only paper evidence that is accepted as proof of your booking. Please note easyBus is not liable for any loss, damage, liability or cost suffered by you as a result of any delay to any easyBus Service. If you are making a return journey you will need to print off a confirmation for the return journey too.

What fares do you charge

Book online for best prices and to reserve your seat. Don’t forget to download our free easyBus app to track your nearest bus.

Passengers may be permitted to travel on services departing up to 60 minutes before or after their booked departure time, subject to seat availability, without additional payment.

The specific booking confirmation must be printed off see steps 7 and 8.

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