One of the important theses in this book is that the common idea of channeling, as an experience in which one completely loses oneself to a separate entity. Millions have turned to the teachings of Edgar Cayce, the most documented and accurate psychic in American history. Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self by Henry Reed. Online Spiritual Book Club. Online Spiritual Book Club. Chapter Summaries by Julie Geigle, MA.

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We are always channeling creativity, in the sense that we use creative energy to form our physical existence according to our ideals. The course of the book takes us from channeling canneling and otherworldly entities to how to channel our higher selves to improve our lives and self growth.

Edgar Cayce On Channeling Your Higher Self

It’s usually our very first thought, feeling, or image. The Channel of Your Guardian Angel. The Ultimate Form of Channeling.

It’s much more effective to ask if a decision is good than to ask what choice you should make. Most importantly, take action in waking life that reflects or responds to an element in a dream, even in little ways.

When we share with others, it makes more room for energy to come to us. Gwen rated it it was amazing Mar 22, Channeling provides an excellent resource for new and experienced channels alike. It’s the most everyday, both ordinary and miraculous, channeling we do. Also, automatic writing can sometimes channel the subconscious, while inspirational writing, when the writer begins with an ideal, channels the higher self. On the other hand, as I incorporate the trance insights, including the experience of feeling confident in approaching life in a spontaneous manner, the trance state itself becomes less a compelling need.


His medical readings, which were years ahead of their time. Cayce taught, however, that it is not necessary to prove or focus on where the information comes from; but to compare information from different sources, and use experience and judgment to determine the usefulness of channeled information for you.

In automatic writing, the person goes unconscious in order to get the ego out of the way trick shooting! One reason for this is that, even through a competent psychic, for example, the ultimate source can range from desires and expectations, to the subconscious whose primary intention is to express itself, not to serve the greater goodto the intended universal awareness or superconsciousness.

While we may be able to help people by channeling, we can also do much good in everyday life, just by listening, lending a hand, and having a positive attitude. Feb 19, Natacha Pavlov rated it it was amazing Shelves: Imagination is far more important than most people realize.

channeing The intention is to observe the breath without making any conscious effort to influence it. Sometimes the higher self actually appears in dreams, perhaps as a doctor, teacher, spiritual leader, a close friend, or even a symbol such as a cross. For example, if you are visiting a psychic, meditate on your ideal before the visit. Since the hgher of channeling with Spiritualism in thes, lots of scientific study and numerous channeled sources have all agreed that it is more than impossible to conclusively prove the source of channeled information.

Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self

About Edgar Cayce Edgar Cayce grew up in poverty and achieved only an eighth-grade education. Trance channeling bypasses the individual, thus limiting the individual’s opportunity to learn and grow through the experience.

I had the good fortune to read this book while taking a course from Henry Reed. Dreams are also a vehicle for psychic inspiration. You can also use fayce methods above e. Pose your question, and then role-play the ideal person, answering the question, writing as you are inspired.


Channeling Your Higher Self by Edgar Cayce on Audio Download

According to Henry, the intention is necessary to engage the intuition. Another famous study found that when sick people were prayed for, they recuperated faster and better. Christopher Sharp rated it it was amazing Aug 05, The book tells of the experience of meditation on the ideal of Christ Consciousness and its effects on the endocrine system. Chapter 14 Being Yourself: As other thoughts inevitably occur, direct your focus back to the chosen word.

Furthermore, Cayce encouraged people to actively seek dreams for guidance; to learn soul purposes; and even to safely experience or learn to understand anything we wish. As an adult, Cayce discovered that while in a trance he could diagnose illnesses. Another exercise is called “Getting to Know You.

Inspired music was improvised for each person who came there for healing, and the purpose was to bring people to gour their essential oneness with the universe. If you don’t remember any dreams, just write whatever comes to oon, for a full page.

Channeling Your Higher Self

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Description Fully explore the channeling experience with this bestselling classic and discover the new life that’s waiting for you! Debrah rated it it was amazing May 17,

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