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I find tremendous satisfaction in knowing that the author has been overthrown from his high ground. Mar 27, Chef Marketis rated it it was ok. The author, he asserts, has no power over the text beyond that.

I liked the focus on how language is for the reader to decide. Nov 01, Ali Nili rated it it was amazing. So, if the author is not responsible for the text, whose intentions, conventions, passions, tastes, and feelings we are reading about?

Roland Barthes

It’s a tough thing to deal with and come to terms with. Sep 26, Lindu Pindu rated it it was amazing Shelves: To learn that wading through surfaces is really more fulfilling than penetrating hard enough to read a safe and stable meaning.

This fact has probably been staring me since childhood. Have we overstated the emphases on the Author? To put it entirely down into freewriting feels like an attempt of creating a deus ex machina to all detective novels in writing the detective to be psychic for the sake of telling the story better; it’s easy to see how this is immediately flawed.


The Death of the Author

By considering language as a system as Saussare sees it and by looking at Lacan’s idea of the unconscious we see that we can find the links. They believe “the text” must stand on its own, apart from any biographical, historical, or other information outside the four corners of the document.

Language This is not a review, but rather an attempt to paraphrase Barthes in my own term. Wasting their time, apparently. Writing is a self-referential system which meaning exists depending on the existence of other writing.

Yes, this is certainly one valid approach to literary interpretation, but only one among many, and not the most convincing.

It’s an academic’s responsibility to determine how much weight to give an author’s stated intentions. Barthes’ ideas explored a diverse range of fields and he influenced the development of schools shsurro theory including structuralism, semiotics, social theory, design theory, anthropology, and post-structuralism.

Yet i believe that the area of dominance of authors was about to end and the age of reader was about to flourish. He then goes on to say “Utterance, in it’s entirety, is a void process” which translated into lay-people prose is saying that when we utter language written or spokenwe are stringing together words, that then assume their own meaning in the body of language It evades all our attempts at structuring meaning.

Barthes is essentially saying that the translation of thought into language removes the specific voice of the author. I’m not an academic, I’m untrained in literary analysis, and if I abuse some key concepts I admit ignorance, but I’m not attempting to misstate the tenets of the theory.


But that is somewhat the point. Graveyards, anthologies, and ivory tower classes are full of them. Barthes’s primary theory is that language is not simply words, but a series of indicators of a given society’s assumptions.

The author merely scribes what is to be written.

So whatever Barthes intended in his essay is irrelevant, it’s only my opinion that counts. This review is specific to the essay The Death of the Author.

Roland Barthes | Open Library

Which to me, sounds like he is completely disregarding author’s intent. Mar 19, Eya rated it really liked it. We have a novel, where and when did it come from, why is it in German, is the author female or male? Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Full of unruly and incredibly satisfying ideas that one wishes would fit on a business card to be offered to pretty strangers, recent friends, romantic partners, vaguely accusatory strangers demanding to know the content of your English degree, etc.

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