ABOUT ELECTRODYNAMIC TETHER, ITS STABILIZATION, ITS ADVANTAGES. In an “electrodynamic tether drag” system, such as the Terminator Tether, the tether can be used to reduce the orbit of the spacecraft to which it is attached. The motion of the long conducting wire of a tethered satellite across the geomagnetic field creates an emf of about – V/m along the length of the tether.

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Energy generation is achieved at the expense of kinetic energy of the spacecraft. One major issue to consider for field emitters is the effect of contamination. This video has been removed by the original poster at Youtube. An out-of-plane force is in the direction perpendicular to the plane of travel, which causes a change in inclination.

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Email Required, but never shown. It has been shown that the maximum current collected by a grid sphere compared to the mass and drag reduction can be estimated. This assessment follows analysis by a joint U.

An electrodynamic tether is essentially a long conducting wire extended from a spacecraft. Below the electron emission saturation limit the contactor acts as a bipolar emissive probe. It is interesting to note that most UFO theorists don’t talk about the implications of the tether experiments in relation to free energy, as this is a proof positive of NASA and others experimenting with just exactly that, and as the above incidence proves, they were caught completely off guard with the 2 to 10 times higher than anticipated power flux.

This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat Electrodynamic Tethers Unlike chemical and rocket systems, which must expell a propellant to create thrust, an electrodynamic tether generates thrust through Lorentz-force interactions with a planetary magnetic field. This occurs through devices such as a hollow cathode plasma contactors, thermionic cathodesand field emitter arrays. Special EDT phenomena and verification of the EDT system model using experimental mission data will then be discussed.


This second mission gives scientists an exciting opportunity to explore new areas of plasma physics and electrodynamics. There are three active electron emission technologies usually considered for EDT applications: The charging battery load can electrodybamic viewed as a resistor which absorbs power, but stores this for later use instead of immediately dissipating heat.

InNASA conducted an experiment with a 20,meter conducting tether. As a result, not all particles that are incident onto the surface of the thick sheath are collected. However, this has been found to be ineffective.

Electrodynaamic “electrodynamic drag force” will decrease the orbit of the tether and its host spacecraft. This can be expressed as:. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Secondary factors, depending on the application, include cost, strength, and melting point. The location of point B will vary depending on electrodynqmic equilibrium state of the tether, which is determined by the solution of Kirchhoff’s voltage law KVL.

Retrieved from ” https: The tether failed as a result of arcing and burning of the tether, leading to a tensile failure after a significant portion of the tether had burned away,” the report concludes. The conducting tether and the less conducting ionosphere thus together form a closed electrical circuit, making the flow of electricity possible.

In the contactor plasma, the electron density leectrodynamic approximately equal to the ion density.

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The below chart displays the temperature limiting currents and SCL effects. In a “electrodynamic propulsion” system, the tether can be used to boost the orbit of the spacecraft. Fast Moon Tour after Capture. Smoking Gun Well, just such a shift in mood could be upon us.

electricity – How does an ElectroDynamic Tether (EDT) clear space debris? – Physics Stack Exchange

A current flows if there is a differential electron number at the ends, so the tether needs to be of sizeable length. Elmo’s fire Ball lightning. Tetehr it takes a much greater potential difference to collect an equivalent amount of ion current for a given areathe total current in the tether is reduced by a smaller amount.


If anyone knows where a copy might be available please contact us at webmaster. This results in a unique phenomenon whereby the orbiting body ‘rams’ through the tetehr ions in the plasma creating a beam like effect in the reference frame of the orbiting body. It can be used either to accelerate or brake an orbiting spacecraft. Electrkdynamic it up so the force opposes motion and the craft loses energy and descends. There has been work conducted to stabilize the librations of the tether system to prevent misalignment of the tether with the gravity gradient.

As the current flows through the tether, heat is generated because of the electrical resistance of the conductive tether material so-called teether heating. The next step in developing a more realistic model for current collection is to include the magnetic field effects and plasma flow effects.

As long as the cylindrical tether is less than one Debye length in radius, it will collect according to the OML theory. The only reason a tether picks up electrons is so the current in wire tethsr in one direction.

This voltage, which is called the “motional EMF”, can be up to several hundred volts per kilometer. A 20 kilometer tether in low earth orbit LEO could produce up to 40 kilowatts of power; this is enough to run manned research facilities.

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