like war without death.” ― Alain Badiou, In Praise of Love. 91 likes . el nacimiento de un mundo.” ― Alain Badiou avec Nicolas Truong, Eloge de l’ amour. 4 nov. Éloge de l’amour. (English) Éloge de l’amour. Alain Badiou, Nicolas Truong L’amour est une construction de vérité. Vérité sur un point très. Eloge De L’Amour FL by Alain Badiou, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Eloge De L’Amour FL

Why not mention, among a thousand other truly astonishing episodes, the case of the port of Shanghai, paralysed by previous struggles, which got set running again when it was taken over by an absolutely novel, practical alliance between the students and workers?

I do not think that that is right.

That would make me like him more… AB: Before we rush to address the question of the means, we have to begin by re-establishing the legitimacy of the problem, the relevance of the hypothesis. What does the freedom of basiou man with a business empire have to do with the freedom of those who have nothing?

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Provided it isn’t conceived only as an exchange of mutual favours, or isn’t calculated way in advance as a profitable investment, love really is a amkur trust placed in chance. The Revolution itself put an end to the Terror, and it did so against Robespierre, once the external threat had been lifted.

The history of socialism, as combined with freedom, shows that we can secure considerable progress even if we keep the system of private property, which has established its efficiency on the economic plane. Do we need to maintain the separation of powers and a judiciary independent of the political authorities? But at a certain point human beings have had enough of experiments!


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It has claimed infinitely fewer victims than the yoke of the single party, which you are making such an implausible bid to defend. Alain Badiou, why set yourself up as defender of the Russian and Chinese experiences, if they were failures?

The first centres the question on the conquest and exercise of state power. Mao said it repeatedly: In the world, there are 2 billion people who count for precisely nothing and roam in search of the very possibility of living. Even Lenin came from splits in social democracy. The Great Elgoe provided her as an example.

They were tried in public squares, beaten to death or dispatched to the Gobi Desert and elsewhere. I would call them profound disagreements over how society is organised. If you mean the yearsimmediately following the overthrow of the monarchy; if you mean the magnificent Constitution ofwhich remains without equal up to elohe day; and if you mean the mobilisation against the foreign invasion, then yes, I say “yes, I defend the Terror.

Want to Read saving…. The task is to bring up to date the four fundamental principles of communist society: For his part, Joffrin takes up a position at the heart of the political game as a commentator and defender of social democracy and reformism. We do not know, for there are periods of doubt, moments in history when the question of what means are necessary remains obscure.

There should be much more extensive freedom of individual expression than currently exists. You aomur freedom to equality. Refresh and try again. No one wants to repeat the communist experience, which ended up in a historical disaster. But the opposite happened. They are not nuances… AB: In my eyes, you are not at all a democrat.


Return to Book Page. We have all sorts elofe experiments on people, like experiments on guinea pigs. You defend the “communist hypothesis. The society that the Maoist Red Guards advocated was based on terror and oppression. So, politics only begins when there is a confrontation between two radically different proposals for how society should be organised, with one based on private property and the other on collective appropriation.

Badiou: ”Lovprisning af kærligheden”/”Eloge de l’amour”

You are like Dumas fils, who saw nothing in the Paris Commune but petroleuses [arsonist women] in leoge. That is a different question. I will simply remark that the capitalist road is massively criminal.

Of course they are… LJ: He also announced that he would soon be publishing The Immanence of Truthscompleting a trilogy that also includes Being and Event and Logics of Worlds. It is so much worse than that. The property question is just one among others. Indeed it is not, but the question of the devastation of the planet is linked to the property question.

Badiou: ”Lovprisning af kærligheden”/”Eloge de l’amour”

Let me explain my reasoning. You tell us that amohr it comes to massacres, communism is no worse than capitalism. But no one today defends the Terror.

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