Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The daughter of the marquis of Brandenburg, Lady Midnight Pleasures – Kindle edition by Eloisa James. Romance. The daughter of the marquis of Brandenburg, Lady Sophie York is a beguiling and flirtatious innocent. One of the most marriageable young women in Regency . Miss Eloisa James is an enigmatic author for me. Her writing style is distinctly different from what I usually find agreeable. I have a preference.

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That being said, I liked this and I’m anxious for the third book in this series to be available in audiobook format.

Midnight Pleasures by Eloisa James | : Books

I liked this one– not as much as the first one in the series but it was enjoyable. Patrick eventually learns about her gift and he’s not at all upset because the fact that she knows Turkish comes in quite handy. Apr 08, Jenny Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: I thoroughly disliked the hero though, but his brother seemed nice enough so I gave his book a try too. Potent Pleasures “Unexpected twists…surprises all around.

Lots of wrong turns make them drift apart until a traumatic and unexpected event helps them get closer and finally talk and sort their issues out. However again there are moments both are so naive it got annoying! She also insists they elope. Mea Culpa, Midnight Pleasures A tea expert named Lois wrote with a fascinating note about the history of tea. Take it or Leave it No matches were around to be “struck” until the late s.

May 19, Mac rated it it was ok. Refresh and try again. At the time of Midnight Pleasures all the tea consumed in England came from China and was mostly green tea. Just sleeping together shockingly fast although not as bad and unrealistic as the first book and then they spend the marriage fighting over absolutely nothing and keeping secrets that make no sense. There was an infernal instance on the hero and his heroine not communicating, however I found that this long passed the line of being an obstacle in their great romance and instead became a frustrating and repetative annoyance.

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So they can have another misunderstanding, of course! This one, I think I cried for the last hour of the book.

Midnight Pleasures — All About Romance

She frequently uses Susan Duerdon and she’s awesome at reading James’s stories. Elisa a matter of fact there is a really cool twist at the end and not only do Sophie and Patrick live happy ever after so do Braddon and Madeleine. Patrick and Sophia have been caught in a compromising position, but even though he proposed to her, she refused him. From Chapter Thirteen Eloise York felt a warm glow of satisfaction in the pit of her stomach as she looked discreetly over the mass of gentlefolk occupying St.

Blythe Smith Review Date: From there, the book quickly establishes that Sophie is gorgeous, flirtatious, often A note on the series: Her “double life” is a source eloia fascination to the media and her readers. Feb 20, Spuffed rated it really liked it Shelves: Eloise York felt a warm glow of satisfaction in the pit of her stomach as she looked discreetly over the mass of gentlefolk occupying St. I love these boys.

Nice long read with a smart heroine with jamse communication skills. And Patrick, I’m sorry man I wouldn’t allow my spouse to go off unattended with their ex-fiance for hours at a time without at least asking WTH they were doing.

I’ll probably be dehydrated for the rest of my life from all the crying I did over that part of the book.

She was a stout dowager of fifty-some and Penelope would eat her hat if Lord Prestlefield had ever looked at Sarah the way in which Patrick Foakes just looked at his new wife. Just then the brief hush and hum that always precedes the entrance elolsa a bride fell on the chapel. The book veers in directions that leave you scratching your head but you pelasures go with it because what other choice do you have?


Bonus points for going outside the romance novel mold! Sophie looked up at him, her blue eyes so dark as to look almost black.

The jamee and heroine ar I am still listening to this audiobook but just had to write my review. When I’m not writing novels, I’m a Shakespeare professor.

The sleeves were short, the bodice modest, and Sophie was wearing high satin gloves. There was literally no point to it within the novel as a whole, because it didn’t once have an impact on the characters.

Praise “A steamy, satisfying romantic romp … romance writing does not get much better than this. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Sophie has always expected Patrick to have mistresses, so when he stays out late she is sure he is with a paramour. England was looking for places outside China to cultivate tea, and they chose Ceylon and Assam in India.


I am so annoyed with complaints that narrators shouldn’t act out the books but just read them. Luckily for me, it became obvious shortly after I started the book that I had not although it seems to be an understandable mistakeand I enjoyed it much more than my other train book.

Even though the plot was a little bit frustrating. I wondered why this was a problem for James until I read that the “Pleasures” series was her first crack at writing. She was the snow princess from a Russian folk tale, the guileless fairy queen from an Irish love story. He has since flirted with everything in range to try and get a rise out of her.

Sophie menolak lamaran Patrick karena Sophie mengira Patrick si petualang cinta akan menyebabkan nasibnya seperti ibunya, ditelantarkan oleh ayahnya. Please try again later.

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