Bruno Comby is the founder and president of the international association of Environmentalists. For Nuclear Energy (EFN – web site. Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy (English Edition) Paperback – by Bruno Comby (Author), Camilla Crombeke (Translator), FRS James Lovelock. to Bruno Comby’s book. “Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy”. For a more detailed presentation of the book, go to , click on the English flag, .

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Patrick Moore co-founder nnuclear Greenpeace in [6] and James Lovelock author of the Gaia theory, considered as the historical founder of environmental nucpear [7] are supporters of the group. We will be heard only if we are able to gather a number of people, through signatures and memberships, that share the idea that nuclear energy is a good environmental solution for the future.

EFN currently gathers more than The association has local correspondents in many regions and throughout the world, and also has a Scientific Board and an Honorific Board, composed of VIPs and personalities who morally support our views.

Environmentalists for Nuclear

Like every organization, EFN also needs money. Download the shorter version of “Benefits of Nuclear energy” by Berol Robinson. This page was last edited enfironmentalists 22 Juneat Even small contributions are appreciated and will help develop our action.

If you want your children and great-grand-children We are just a group of people in favor of preserving the environment and of promoting nuclear energy.

Fossil fuels oil, gas, coal the dominant energy today, are being rapidly exhausted, and are the cause of wide scale pollution of our environment, while nuclear and renewable energies are much cleaner: EFN started growing in around Bruno Comby author of 8 books on healthy living, and environmentalism after the publication of his envirojmentalists “Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy” and his participation in numerous TV and radio debates on this occasion.


The headquarters of EFN are located in a positive energy ecohouse in the suburbs of Paris, powered with solar snergy thermal and PVwind energy, geothermal air-conditioning, a high efficiency nruno, double-flux ventilation, and just a small amount of low-carbon-emitting French nuclear energy. Back to home page. According to EFN, nuclear produces “clean” energy “confined waste” and “no carbon dioxide”.

Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (EFN)

Conceptually designed by members of the organization, this house has an almost-nil carbon-footprint times less than a enviornmentalists gas-heated construction of the yb size.

EFN promotes nuclear energy for a better and cleaner planet in a calm and rational manner. Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy EFN describes itself as being “in favor of all energies which respect the environment, including the peaceful applications of clean nuclear energy which has the greatest industrial potentialas well as renewable energies hydro, solar, geothermal, and wind, all have appropriate roles to play, but with a much smaller potential.

Navigation environmentalistss Personal tools Log in. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. It also promotes the benefits of nuclear energy for a cleaner world, and aims at uniting people in favor of clean nuclear energy.

Retrieved from ” https: EFN was formed in by Bruno Comby. In an interview inComby enfironmentalists asked why the two environmental organisations Greenpeace and WWF were opposed to nuclear power. Download the longer version of “Benefits of Nuclear energy” by Bruno Comby.

He came out with the ludicrous conspiracy theory that “Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund The general assembly of EFN is held once a year in Houilles. Retrieved from ” https: SourceWatch is Reader Supported! EFN considers vomby environmental opposition to nuclear energy is the greatest misunderstanding and mistake of the century.

Environmentalists for Nuclear – Wikipedia

EFN works at informing the public hruno the environmental benefits of nuclear energy, the cleanest energy resource massively available. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. In pamphlet after pamphlet and speech after speech Comby outlines the benefits he sees in nuclear power, including the fact that “it produces very little waste, and this is confined and self-degradable”.


If you want to have more fun on a cleaner planet For complete and straightforward information on energy and the environment. Our belief is that more efficient uses of energy, and self sustainable lifestyles should be promoted on the long term, and that in the meantime renewable energies and nuclear energy should totally replace the use of oil, coal and gas, wherever possible. Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy.

EFN unites people throughout the world who are concerned about the future of our planet and want to keep it clean and protect nature, thanks to the use of nuclear energy and renewable energies in replacement of oil, gas and coal. Environmentalists”MineWeb, November 17, Environmentalists”MineWebNovember 17, They have a strong interest in suppressing the nuclear industry.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. EFN is just a group of people like you! Even small or moral contributions are essential. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat And when you go up to the source, it ends up with the oil companies or the Arab countries. Views Read Edit View history. Every signature, membership, or donation is precious and helpful. Since EFN was created, many of the greatest environmental leaders have joined our organization or share our views such as, for example, Pr.

EFN is a totally independent, private, non-profit environmental organization. Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy EFN is a pro- nuclear power non-profit organization which aims at providing complete and straightforward information to the public on energy and the environment.

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