This brief guide explores content strategy’s roots, and quickly and expertly demonstrates not only how it’s The Elements of Content Strategy. By Erin Kissane. BACK IN THE WEB’S Pleistocene period, I received an e-mail from a young content strategist. “Excuse me,” she wrote, “but there is a. About the Author: Erin Kissane is an editor for Contents magazine and Source, a community site for journalists who code. She was previously a.

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Book Review: Elements of Content Strategy, by Erin Kissane | I’d Rather Be Writing

If anything, they way it’s written directly reflects many of the core principles that it is trying to exude. I agree with this split between content creators and content strategists in theory, but it’s hard for me to entirely see because of my lack of direct experience.

Nov 13, Erin Simoni rated it it was amazing. In the final section, as she starts to explain her methodology for doing drin strategy, she discusses the deliverables that content strategists create. It’s better than most books I’ve read on the subject, but it also suffers the same fate.

If you want to know what content strategy is and if you think it has anything to do with copywriting other getting content ready for a copywriter or other content producerplease read this book! If you want to learn more, read The Elements of Content Strategy.

It may sound obvious, but it’s something one misses quite too often.

The Elements of Content Strategy

On the next page after that quotation, I find “marketing is the practice of bringing products to market. If you know nothing about Content Strategy, pay close attention to the Design Principles provided at the beginning of the book.


I particularly jived with this book because Kissane also comes from an editorial background with a shared weakness for the Chicago Rhe of Style. Sep 25, Joe Miller rated it it was amazing.

Kiszane then, if you can handle the excitement, you turn to the most important part of the book: Those humanities majors employed often found their jobs low paying and college degrees unnecessary. Some books make you smarter.

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Thinking Out Loud about Product Management: Some areas like ongoing content assessment is all but completely skimmed over. She gets going right away, without any fluff or padding.

Curators conjure a vision of uptight tour guides in museums and overly informed janitors dusting ancient relics. With the rise of Internet communications comes the necessity of content strategy. Its main benefit was thus showing me that I definitely do not want to work in content strategy full time. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Stay current with the latest in tech comm. In about 75 pages, she lays out the principles of content strategy, traces its origins, and then outlines her methodology for doing content strategy. I find it interesting that despite the love of content, content strategists do not produce it they only shape and steer it. It also provides a glimpse on the usual methodologies and deliverables within the discipline. Kissane lists a bucketful of possible deliverables a content strategist creates: Added to this, I found most of the strategy geared around traditional waterfall approaches to projects.

The style in which the book is written is terribly boring. But this effort doesn’t scale in the long run.

Open Preview See a Problem? This book is approachable, but short examination about how to get started doing content strategy. It resonates with some recent experiences.


I can see that, if web writing weren’t your immediate objective, the writing might be a little dry. Want to Read saving….

There’s very little included about how to do a good job in creating a strategy and really good content. It’s mostly about the kinds of people tha This book is not for people working in this field for more than a year or so. And that good content is supported, meaning there is are plans and resources in place to correct, update and improve it.

My Reading Notes on Elements of Content Strategy – The Art of Ass-Kicking

I must say though, that I don’t recommend reading it like I did, a couple pages at a time as I could find a minute here and there.

For them, there’s really nothing new to learn.

This book, and Erin Kissane, introduced me to content strategy and allowed me to dig deeper into effective ways of le This overview of content strategy is a must for anyone about to tackle the job of writing for the web.

One emphasis Kissane makes is that content strategists do not develop the content. For example, there are some tables in the book and they don’t fit on the display of the Kindle. Kissane recommends you start with higher level recommendations first, since they affect what you do further down, and also are likely to have a bigger impact on the organization.

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