Themes in Etherscope encourage us to look under the surface and the RPG talks later of an “uber plot” which will expand in future supplements. Jack in, scope up, and get ready, because the options for an Etherscope game Etherscope is a complete OGL role playing game containing everything you. Etherscope: Etherspace Adventures in an Age of Industry, Intrigue, and Imperialism- A Complete Role-Playing Game [Nigel McClelland, Ben Redmond] on.

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America used diplomatic pressure on the allies and then threatened military interference in the summer ofallowing Japan to fight the Europeans to a stalemate. I supported because… “The BruSteve chimera is an abomination! The British did nothing to stop the expanding German republic as they did eyherscope consider Germany to be any threat at all.

This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat These factors would shape the rest of the century. It is ruled by the Bolshevik Party who are Communistsfollowers of the teachings of German economic theorist Karl Marx. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Rg.

In the West, the Axis Powers quickly defeated France in a matter of months and defeated Italy by the end of Enginaughts were originally the trained technicians that created, maintained, programmed, ettherscope used “difference engines” mechanical computers. There are actual and very real horrors in the Etherscape and this is neither a well known nor widely believed fact even among those who pass through the Etherscope.


The Etherscope RPG community’s Journal

Goodman Games World Tour ! The sign read Phoenix Imports. Etherscopes are hand-crafted by technicians and are therefore prohibitively expensive items that are owned by the rich and powerful. They are especially numerous in Neu Reich, which has a polyglot culture and several recently assimilated territories.

Etherscope RPG

This epg not just a game which cleverly mixes steampunk and cyberpunk in a Victoriana setting. Also in the room is the smartly dress aristocrat contrasting the aristocrat of Morgan Kendrigard, a member of the Eugenics League and thus a Alpha class human, the cream of the crop, bred from the best families.

The League’s views and methods are seen as controversial but their success has made their theories more accepted. Pubs and inns maintain a defensive aura while smoking rooms are filled with the more well off shop owners and factory foremen who drink away the monotony of life with single malts and gin.

The wound to his body is etherscoope, tendril of dark fractals moving through his avatar.

The British Empire intervened on the side of ftherscope Unionists in and used regular troops alongside Irish militia and paramilitary forces to crush the Republicans’ main force conventional troops. InHarold Wallace discovered something that changed the world: Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! System Agentsviolent and bizarre etherspace beings, are a major mystery. Just out of curiosity The layers of walkways and streets are festooned with lanterns, making the colours of the Orient come to life in the middle of the dank city.


Curate meets rpt with a renowned scope hacker called Gyre and finds out some more about the raid and discovers that it was funded by someone high up, potentially a ethwrscope or an aristocrat. Those armed elements, however, were well-organized, well-funded and had access to modern weaponry. Campaign Setting game world. The aristocrats control the Army and all major and senior government posts, while the upper and middle class commoners dominate the Navy and the bureaucracy.

Etherscope RPG|Goodman Games

Etherscope is a complete OGL role playing game containing everything you need to create a character, play an adventure, start a campaign, and rgp Etherspace!

By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Player characters can wind up facing demons in the Ether. This must be something important for System Agents to get involved, though they may only be denizens of the Scope.

We have another quintessentially cyberpunk offering to — cybernetics. The exact opinion varies, as nothing is known precisely about it. The Soviet Union was set up amongst the ruins of the Russian Empire starting in

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