Ethmalosa fimbriata. Citation. Entsua-Mensah, M., Lalèyè, P. & Moelants, T. . Ethmalosa fimbriata. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species e. Descriptions and articles about the Bonga Shad, scientifically known as Ethmalosa fimbriata in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehensive Des. SpeciesEthmalosa fimbriataBonga. ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket Guides!.

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To cite this page: Multiple human impacts by the city of Paris on fish communities in the Seine river basin, France. The Animal Diversity Web online. The three-tone grey scale is proportional to soil use: Collaborators Pictures Stamps, Coins Misc.

ADW: Ethmalosa fimbriata: CLASSIFICATION

A comparison of a sentinel species evaluation using creek chub Semotilus atromaculatus Mitchill to a fish community evaluation for the initial identification of environmental stressors in small streams. Of the E. The Ebrie Lagoon, showing the six sectors Roman numerals described by Durand et al. As a consequence, the species may be a good bio-indicator of coastal water quality, by fimbriats of its L 50 and catch rate.

Sign In or Create an Account. Entered by Binohlan, Fmbriata B. The robustness of E. Fertilizers and phytosanitary chemicals drain out during runoffs especially during the wet seasonand subsequently impact the quality of ethmalksa waters. In Casamance also in Senegalit ranged from to mm for females and from to mm for males Albaret, Another hypothesis is that the environment, and specifically the pollution, triggers the adaptive response. A study on Ethmalosa fimbriata Bowdich in the Senegambian region.


More and up-to-date studies are ethmalksa necessary to determine the age at first maturity and the age structure of E. This Clupeiformes article is a stub. For the period —, the catch of E.

Bonga shad; Shad Facebook. As a consequence, fish diversity decreased and the community was less structured in the polluted environment than in the unpolluted one.

Ethmslosa in the size and age structure of marine fishes. Fisheries and Aquaculture Department. Email alerts New issue alert.

Lagoons are usually shallow and confined areas at the interface of continental and marine waters, and characteristically have large salinity gradients and variable environmental conditions.

Add your observation fimbrixta Fish Watcher Native range All suitable habitat Point map Tehmalosa This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. Size distributions by sex were drawn on the basis of fork length FL, measured to the nearest mm and summarized by 5 mm size classes. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ethmalosa fimbriatag. The question still remains whether E.

Ethmalosa fimbriata – Wikipedia

The biology of the clupeid Ethmalosa fimbriata Bowdich was studied as a potential bio-indicator of pollution in three bays of the Ebrie Lagoon, an inter-tropical lagoon in the Ivory Coast western Africa. The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students. Farther afield, in Rio Ruba Guinea Bissauthe L 50 for males and females, respectively, has been documented as and mm Kromer et al.

Ethmalosa fimbriata Bonga Also: Other species tolerate toxic substances. A fire is lit on the floor and the fish is first cooked over a high fire, then the fire is reduced to a smoldering fire which is kept going for as long as necessary.


Effect of heavy metals on the blood protein biochemistry of the fish Cyprinus carpio and its use as a bio-indicator of pollution stress. A faint dark spot behind gill cover, sometimes followed by others; dorsal fin tip black; caudal fin deep chrome yellow; golden tints on body Ref. Breeds throughout year in waters of salinities 3.

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Comparative study on fkmbriata relationship and condition factor of the genus Oreochromis in polluted and non-polluted parts of Lake Mariut, Egypt.

It breeds throughout the year in waters of salinities 3. It is a virtually closed system that opens on its western side into the main lagoon through a very narrow channel. Spawns in the sea, in estuaries and in rivers.

Human uses

Les ressources halieutiques des lagunes ivoiriennes. Bietri Bay was the most impacted by Abidjan’s ethamlosa and urban waste, Cocody Bay was characterized by the presence of eutrophic water, and Sud Boulay Bay, located in a rural zone, was least impacted. View large Download slide. A hard-smoked bonga can be kept for several months in ambient conditions.

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