EUCO is a product in the Concrete Floor Joint Filler category that meets ASTM , approved. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports. Euco is a two part epoxy product. The Part A is pigmented grey. The Part B is cream coloured. When the two parts are mixed together, the result is a grey. Add to Quote. Product Description. EUCO is a two component, semi-rigid epoxy for filling control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors This.

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Product Description Resolve is a blend of specially selected solvents for re-dissolving Innovative Mfg.

Ultraplan M20 Plus is suitable for use as a commercial wear topping in warehouse and alternate industrial applications where an exceptional flat and smooth concrete surface is desired.

SpecFilm RTU A ready to use evaporation retarder that is specifically designed eudo form a thin monomolecular film to reduce rapid moisture loss from the concrete surface prior to curing.

Magnesium phosphate patching mortar. I have a job where GC put euco in a stress crack poorly spaced joints running the whole width of slab 80′.

Ruscoe Technical data sheet for Ruscoe loop detector joint sealant for concrete or asphalt. It improves the bond between a properly prepared and profiled concrete substrate, and self-leveling underlayment or topping materials.

I may steal that line It is ideal for architectural and precast concrete and for general forming applications. SpecStrip Plus A premium, chemically active release agentspecially engineered topositively prevent bonding of concrete to forms and form liners.


Planitop X is a one-component, shrinkage-compensated, fast-setting, polymer-modified, high-build cementitious repair mortar with a corrosion inhibitor. Dymonic FC provides the best performance characteristics of polyurethane and silicone sealants. Planigrout requires only the addition of water to produce consistencies varying from dry pack to flowable.

It is green for easy identification. Ruscoe Technical data sheet for Ruscoe non-sag joint sealant for concrete or asphalt. Slab and Panel Patch mixes with water to a smooth and creamy consistency. View modes Linear Mode Threaded Mode.

Euco 700 Std Gray

I like it a lot! Concrete Renew Fine features a natural light gray color that provides a uniform finish to concrete surfaces.

Concrete Floor Repair Information article on how to repair cracks on concrete floors. It sets rapidly to allow quick, easy repairs of concrete surfaces both interior and exterior. This product is solvent-free. This low odor, water-based formulation is ideal for interior applications.

CMC Construction Services. Euclid Euco Sealant Gray 2 Gallon Unit

It is a fast-setting, semi-rigid polyurea, primarily used for filling construction and control joints in industrial and commercial concrete floors. DURAL is a fast setting, non-sag polyester doweling adhesive for concrete, masonry, brick, and stone applications. Planibond EBA is a two-component, multipurpose high-modulus epoxy bonding agent.

Ultra Low Viscosity Acrylated Epoxy. Joint sealers, expansion control, acrylic sealer for concrete sealing, epoxies, bonding agents, are all part of our vast inventory of Chemicals, Powders and Cementitious products. A water-based, VOC compliant acrylic polymer engineered to cure, seal, harden, and dust proof freshly placed concrete and improve the wearability and durability of aged concrete surfaces.

  EN ISO 9239-1 PDF

CC Solutions Show this Post. An innovative solution for the toughest industrial applications.

EUCO 700 BLACK PART A Euclid Chemical

Planitop 18 features exceptional durability and very low chloride permeability rating. Planigrout contains a corrosion inhibitor and silica fume, as well as special blend of fine aggregate and plasticizers that provide exceptional placing and performance characteristics.

I lose jobs every day because people don’t want to do it right. Resolve works by re-dissolving the acrylic and driving it into the concrete leaving a surface ready for re-application of Innovative Mfg. Understanding the difference between what? Vulkem 45 Technical data sheet for Vulkem 45 one part self levelling polyurethane joint sealant for concrete.

Ultraplan 1 Plus has high strength and is abrasion-resistant, able to withstand light foot traffic after 2 to 3 hours and vehicular rubber-wheel traffic after 3 days. Does that jive in your mind?

Rapid Setting Repair Mortar. It sets rapidly to allow quick, easy repairs of concrete surfaces both inside and outside.

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