Op deze pagina vindt u Verdrag inzake de verlening van Europese octrooien ( Europees Octrooiverdrag), München, (Europees. Art. 54 Europees Octrooiverdrag – – Article Novelty 1. An invention shall be considered to be new if it does not form part of the state of the. Art. Europees Octrooiverdrag – – Article Representation before the European Patent Office 1. Representation of natural or legal.

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Snel professioneel Juridisch advies. Any claims fee duly paid shall be refunded only in the case referred to in Article 77, paragraph 5.

Europees octrooi met eenheidswerking

Conference of ministers of the Contracting States. A Contracting State which makes provision for extension of the term or corresponding protection under paragraph 2 b may, in accordance europpees an agreement concluded with the Organisation, entrust to the European Patent Office tasks associated with implementation of the relevant provisions. Incomplete search Toon wetstechnische informatie.

Legal Division Article Representation before the European Patent Office. Filing of a European patent application Octdooiverdrag If the translation has not been filed in due time, the application shall be deemed to be withdrawn.

Representation of natural or legal persons in proceedings established by this Convention may only be undertaken by professional representatives whose names appear on a list maintained for this purpose by the European Patent Office. It shall be responsible for the examination on filing and the examination as to formal requirements of each European patent application up to the time when a request for examination has been made or the applicant has indicated under Article 96, paragraph 1, that he desires to proceed further with his application.

Art. 54 Europees Octrooiverdrag – :: voorheen

Limitation or revocation of the European patent. Observations by third parties Toon wetstechnische informatie.

Duties of office Toon wetstechnische informatie. The provisions of Rule 17 shall apply mutatis mutandis. Article 39, paragraphs 3 and 4shall apply mutatis mutandis to the special financial contributions. This Convention, drawn up in a single original, in the English, French and German languages, shall be deposited in the archives of the Government of the Federal Republic of Europefs, the three texts being equally authentic.


In proceedings before the European Patent Office, following the publication of the European patent application, any third party may, in accordance with the Implementing Regulationspresent observations concerning the patentability of the octrooiverdrzg to which the application or patent relates.

Naar aankondigingen over uw eurropees. It shall be drawn up in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles laid down in the Financial Regulations. Examination on filing and examination as to formal requirements. Availability of biological material Toon wetstechnische informatie.

Only the technical terms, formulae, signs and symbols octrooiverfrag accepted in the field in question shall be used. New deposit of a micro-organism Toon wetstechnische informatie. Renewal fees for the European patent application shall be paid to the European Patent Office in accordance with the Implementing Regulations.

Verdrag inzake de verlening van Europese octrooien (Europees Octrooiverdrag), München, 05-10-1973

Prior rights and rights arising on the same date. In certain special cases, the period may be extended upon request, presented before the expiry of such period.

Administrative and legal co-operation Toon wetstechnische informatie. Such reference shall indicate that it replaces the description and any drawings. Amendments Toon wetstechnische informatie. It shall also indicate the period for opposing the European patent. Translation of the European patent Article Unanimity of the Contracting States voting shall be required for the decisions which the Administrative Council is empowered to take under Article 33, paragraph 1 b. Signature, name, seal Toon wetstechnische informatie.

All other renewal fees may not be validly paid more than three months before they fall due. If the Opposition Division considers that the nature of the decision so requires, it shall be enlarged by the addition of a legally qualified examiner who shall not have taken part in the proceedings for grant of the patent. Forwarding of European patent applications Toon wetstechnische informatie. It shall have administrative and financial autonomy. Patentable inventions Toon wetstechnische informatie.


Nevertheless, a translation in one of the official languages of the European Patent Office must be filed within the time limit prescribed in the Implementing Regulations; throughout the proceedings before the European Patent Office, such translation may be brought into conformity with the original text of the application.

Om daadwerkelijk deel te kunnen nemen moeten zij de Overeenkomst betreffende een eengemaakt octrooigerecht het Rechtspraakverdrag ratificeren. Part XI Transitional Provisions. Legal status Article 6. Inventive step An invention shall be considered as involving an inventive step if, having regard to the state of the art, it is not obvious to a person skilled in the art.

In the case referred to in paragraph 1 athe request for conversion shall be filed with the central industrial property office with which the European patent application has been filed. The request shall not be deemed to be filed until after the examination fee has been paid.

The right to vote in the Administrative Council shall be restricted to the Euroepes States. This shall not apply where the appellant is opposed by another party to the proceedings. Renewal fees for a European patent.

Where additional tasks have been given to the European Patent Office under Articlethe group of Contracting States shall bear the expenses incurred by the Organisation in carrying out these tasks. A decision which does not terminate proceedings as regards one of the parties can only be appealed together with the final decision, unless the decision allows a separate appeal.

Publication of the specification of the European patent Toon wetstechnische informatie.

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