The Pathwork of Self-Transformation by Eva Pierrakos Paperback $ the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $ Guide Lectures for Self-Transformation [Eva Pierrakos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Pierrakos, Eva. Eva Broch Pierrakos. “The gift of Eva Pierrakos’s Pathwork has been with me for twenty years. It is the the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $

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And yet, many of these issues play significant roles in how we think, feel, and act in our everyday lives. It is not that he keeps us waiting, but that our blocks prevent us from experiencing his abiding pierrakoos.

Pierrakox means taking time to feel God’s peaceful, reassuring and comforting Presence. In Eva met Dr. Since this Special Report was written, in February ofwe’ve taken an in depth look at Jesus that critically explores many of the ideas commonly promoted about him.

NHNE Special Report: The Pathwork Guide Lectures of Eva Pierrakos

This seems surprisingly inconsistent with the Pathwork’s own lectures which emphasize, repeatedly, that the forces inside of us are constantly creating change on every level of our being, including our own physical bodies.

In Eva met the psychiatrist John C. By incorporating The Guide’s teachings into his work, John transformed his practice brocu bio-energetics into Core Energetics. Home About Articles Personality and spirituality: It may, in fact, simply be commenting on how we left God and how we will eventually return.

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The Pathwork material is, in my opinion, no exception. If it helps to know, the link has now changed to: Unlike many of today’s spiritual paths and philosophies which tend to focus only on the spiritual nature of the human soul, the Pathwork Guide focused on both the light and the darkness, insisting that the darkness within us cannot be shined away, ignored, or suppressed.


We have put it there, and only we can remove it. If we have difficulty imagining the harm that such world views might have on us, we have only to look at many of the religious movements in the world today that subscribe to similar philosophies.

The task of the beings who remained one with God became one of rescuing their fallen brethren. We cannot, however, force our feelings to feel things they don’t really feel. When, however, we are nroch interested in protecting our false images of ourselves, discoveries about our imperfections will tend to produce the opposite effect: Sources in the Pathwork organization have told me that the Guide didn’t mean to say there would be NO geological changes but, instead, that geological changes “could be” avoided IF humanity changed.

It required intense self-awareness, profound self-honesty, consistent daily practice and a willingness to expose the darkest realms of the human soul to the light of day. Meanwhile, other beings resisted his influence and remained one with God. Everything reminds us of our own defective natures broxh have caused ourselves and others untold ages of meaningless pain and suffering.

By pierramos a commitment to use her gift pierrakoss for helping people, she eventually succeeded in becoming a channel for a highly developed spiritual consciousness that offered, through her, astonishing insights into the human condition and the spiritual path.

Given the imperfect nature of our world, I don’t believe it is possible for anyone, or any kind of information to appear in the earth that is entirely free of human distortions and limitations. In her twenties, though, she suddenly discovered a gift for mediumship in the form of automatic writing.

As of now, the two original Pathwork Centers still exist, along with numerous study groups, centers, and affiliates around the United States and other parts of the world. Through the gateway of feeling your hopelessness, lies your true and justified hope. In any case, there is enough confusion to express concern.


Core Energetic: About John C. Pierrakos

A list of names, addresses, and resources appears at the end of this report. According to the Guide, our everyday consciousness serves as a bridge between the highest and lowest parts of ourselves. What’s more, the more we are able to share ourselves with others the way we truly are, the more they will be able to genuinely love and accept us.

Then one day while meditating, following pjerrakos received through her automatic writing, Eva entered a trance state from which her inner guidance manifested far more clearly. On the other hand, if Jesus did indeed accomplish what many, including myself, believe he did — if he became the first soul to completely break the chains of this world and attain perfection — then I pierraakos there is logical grounds to argue there may have been something different about him.

The changes that are happening and that will continue to happen, are “changes in consciousness,” not changes that will bring about physical and geological changes in the earth itself. We each have to take responsibility for finding and following our own path.

A poem to help you feel your emotions by Eva Broch Pierrakos

Since the Pathwork material that I have read about this topic is not entirely clear, it may not mean to imply that a grand, cosmic mistake occurred. Therefore, as a rule I do not even like to talk much about all of this because the main thing for you is pierrakls learn to know your own soul and to develop spiritually.

But our primary emphasis must be on discovering what is wrong with us. In doing so, we become pathfinders. Pierrakos, and in they married.

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