Evertz Microsystems expressly prohibits the use of this manual for any purpose other than the operation of the MVP™ and MVP Maestro™. Due to on going. Updated manual corresponding to Firmware/Maestro release .. C:\ Program files\evertz\VIP\Maestro\systems (default VIP Maestro installation folder). 2. Evertz Microsystems Ltd. MVP server and Maestro software Highest quality multi- image outputs: Most control environment using Evertz Maestro software.

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If this is the first use of this software, a dialogue window will appear indicating everttz systems have been defined. Set the border thickness around UMD. Drag and Drop audio monitoring Status Console Provides system feedback when designing recalling layouts Figure Change default window name.

Inserts the last copied clipboard contents at the insertion point. Option to take the selected window and best fit to the available canvas resolution. Use the Properties window to configure the size, colour, turn scales on and off mxestro set orientation of level bar.

Common Key Bindings Shortcut Keys Resolution View – Advanced Setup Configuration: Video and clock objects. Global Preset Setup Form Maestro – 34 Revision 1.


Undo an action performed on the design canvas. Monitor Object Properties Drag and drop the monitor object from the Objects everts on to the design canvas.

Preset Save and Save As options. Use protocol based source labels retrieve protocol id from assigned input. Digital Clock Figure System Manager Shortcut Keys 4.

MAGNUM Multiviewer

It is available in several package sizes from a 32 input system with up to 32 router outputs and as many as 24 multi-image displays, or it can be ordered as a larger system that accommodate up to inputs and router outputs and as many as 72 multi-image displays.

Click OK when complete. Use the edit maaestro to re-name input labels in Maestro. Set the color and opacity of the inactive text used on the tally message. Opens the selected system to the Display Manager Window. Properly shielded interface cables with the shield connected to the chassis ground of the device must be used. Select layer to add objects to, use checkbox to select visibility of each layer.

Download Evertz Software

Offering both a complete facility routing platform and industry leading multi-image display technology in a single modular package, no control room or facility is too large or too small. If the system selected is a VIP then only a single display object will be visible, if the selected system is a MVP then several displays may be visible.


Additional accessible formats for this information are available upon request. Option to clear the output display of the selected display.

File Menu View Load…: This allows for three separate triggers with three different display characteristics. The reset button unselects all selected triggers. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

Additional accessible formats for this information are available upon request.

MAGNUM Multiviewer – Multiviewer Control Software Module

Enter a UMD message to be displayed. Add phase bars to video object to view phase for assigned video input MVP only.

Enter an optional message to be displayed on the tally object when triggered. Copy these folders over to your freshly installed VIP Maestro on the other computer – in the same evertx location 4. Activate blink and set rate.

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