I came across exodus which is the closest Exodus RPG enemies (). submitted 1 month ago by (0 children). Exodus has a Bestiary. Exodus is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Glutton Creeper In the six months that followed, GCG turned a full Fallout RPG into a thinly . Its bestiary is respectably sized and includes rules for creating new. Exodus RPG Core Bundle [BUNDLE] – This special bundle product contains the following Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG: Wasteland Bestiary.

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The Matchstick Man talent allows you to substitute a Perform check for a Bluff check for the purposes of making a distraction, Magician grants a bonus to Sleight of Hand checks equal to your character level, and Quick Disguise allows you to take 10 on a Disguise or Hide check even when distracted or threatened.

With this class feature, the Rigger can jimmy up a temporary fix for a broken personal firearm with a DC 15 Repair check, allowing it to work as it normally would for a number of rounds equal to one plus every point over the DC the Rigger succeeded the check.

Radiation is measured by the RAD Radiation Absorbed Dose level of an area, and characters that fail a Fortitude save at each time interval listed take the listed amount of radiation damage rather than having the dosage ramp up based on time spent in the area overall as in standard d20 Modern.

A lacrosse stick acts as a 1d6 damage archaic weapon that can be used as either a club or to catch a small enough projectile, while a hockey stick is a 1d8 damage slammer that doubles as a quick bonus to trip attempts. Assuming your whole party is Desert Rangers, you can just have a big ol’ attack buff circlejerk as long as you stay in formation.

Stated to be specifically based around cockfighting and its popularity with the Chi people, Chicken Style is almost entirely based around doing more damage with kicks. Second only to the Cavaliers and Paladins which aren’t covered until the Southwest Wasteland Guidethe Knights of the Steel Disciples are some of the most respected warriors of the Steel Disciples. Dregs have a penalty to Charisma rather than Strength and have to take a military-related feat as their second starting feat, but are otherwise exactly the same stats-wise as standard Exodus ghuls.

Over the Ghost Dancers and other tribal leaders is Great Chief Walking Frog, a stoic elderly man who often leaves the safety of the tribal lands around the Grand Canyon to commune with the beasts of the Wasteland.

Another pair that might as well be noted together due to their similarities. Environmental Hazards While d20 Modern has its own radiation system wherein time spent in an area of a certain strength of radiation resulted in saves against a specifc strength of radiation sickness, Exodus throws that out in favor of its own take on radiation.

If you are familiar with d20 Modern, you’ll know that unlike some systems such as Cortex or Prg, there is no system for pain endurance in d20 Modern.

More Factions 10 Vastly Belated Addendum: There’s also Persuade Malfunctioning Device at level 7 that is DC bsstiary for the same thing on generic mechanical or electronic equipment and is again measured in hoursand at level 8 Rig Technological Device lets the Rigger make a DC 35 Repair check to bestiay a computer or bypass security devices. Inthe world nuked itself to shit after a lengthy cold war between the United Bestiwry and China.


It effectively grants the Tribal Warrior the Weapon Focus feat eight times at once, but for specific weapons: The Slaver’s Union was born when multiple gangs of slavers across the Southwest realized that it would be more profitable to work together than to keep killing each other over who enslaved who.

The first pair of talents that beshiary feels like a pair of talents rather than weird feat-miming or replicating an existing class that wasn’t even kept out of this game. Again, Steel Disciple Scribe: You’ve also got Contender at level 4 rg lets you gain money for engaging in an overseen fighting circuit bout coins per class level of the opponent for winning, 25 per level for losingand Finishing Blow at level 5 lets the Prizefighter make a Spot check to automatically score a critical hit on a foe that is rgp to their last quarter of HP.

Yes, it’s time to once again look into the copyright edge-skimmer that is The bell itself is cow-sized and represents the actual “this is the space you hit” part, but its tendrils expand outward in a foot radius. Violence in the Wasteland is a part of life, and if you do not have the proper equipment you may be taking a dirt nap.

Leave empty for any. The most likely answer to why is that they were bleeding themselves dry thanks to a lawsuit against Interplay that lasted from to being almost immediately followed by another claim that lasted until Like the Chi Dynasty, NEMO is a xenophobic organization, only accepting members of “La Raza” the book’s use of terminology, not mine; I feel like I need to reassure that I’m not making shit up from time to time.

At the advice of others I’m going to be making a lot less focus on the specific mechanic bits and bobs of each new occupation or feat now, instead speaking in generalizations to get the flow moving forward at a more reasonable pace.

Maybe this class has some amazing abilities packed into this five levels that make up for it being otherwise unimpressively squashed down. You mean the one that I found on Mediafire?

Exodus – 1d4chan

The Desert Ranger Tracker hems somewhat closer to the standard Desert Ranger, as they get the Desert Ranger’s Favored Enemy against an organization or creature type at levels 2 and 6 and Camouflage at level 2. Before this, the US committed a lot of Nazi science to produce super soldiers, resulting in hordes of bio-engineered mutants running around. Furthermore, a bunch of survivalists and secession-obsessed nationalists had bunkers or hideout caves that allowed larger groups of non-Vault folks to survive.

The Three Laws for actual members of the Techno-Reapers are that they must find at least one piece of advanced technology in the Wasteland and learn all of its workings, must protect and preserve all technology, and must leave the order and be subject to the First Law of Gulag if they fail either of the other two laws.


It’s also got a lot more smartass comments.

Of course, that’s not where we are now, so let’s look to the present with character rules. Indeed, their origin is merely stated to be followers of religions that were based around some manner of final judgment, and no names are given beyond that at least some of them were obscure doomsday cults and followers of “mad prophets”, while others were adherents of “great prophets”. Its other framework is poor Base Attack Bonus and Fortitude save progression, and average progression for everything else.

Based around Dexterity and even more pop culture references than the other styles. Someone who breaks a law that invokes the First Law of Gulag has all of their possessions stripped from them, are taken on a three day trek, and then are left in the Wasteland to either survive or die.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

Like the Steel Disciples, they hate mutants. NEMO is the only organization that could truly be said to have friendly relations with the Slaver’s Union, as others besstiary buy from them such as the Mutant Army and Vegas Mafia don’t trust the Union more than they do any random slave gang.

There are twelve Knowledge skills in standard d20 Modern, and twelve Knowledge skills in Exodus. While the class has a poor Fortitude hestiary Reflex save progression, it has an average Defense and Base Attack Bonus progression and d8 hit dice to toughen it up, as well as a good Will save progression for combat and non-combat issues.

Feats In addition to being a thing that already exists in the d20 system, feats in Exodus are explicitly meant to line up with perks.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

Awareness and Exotic Firearms Proficiency Energy Weapons as bonus feats follow at level 2, and a free suit of power armor is xeodus at level 3. They also get Tactical Strike at level 5, which is one free 30d10 attack on everything in a 1, foot radius courtesy of a Steel Disciples VTOL that has to be replenished by going back to Wendover after it is used. Huge ears instead of huge eyes.

For those of you who don’t recall what the hell this is and aren’t in the mood to go read through all the original FATAL and Friends, let’s have a quick rundown. Holy Friars of the Refinery In the world exoduw Exodus, the Deepwater Horizon spill was the final nail in the coffin for the oil industry, as unlike in real life there was fusion cell technology waiting in the wings and the government was able to slide that out bestkary masse.

A three talent long talent tree for disguise and disorientation-minded folks. The next couple of posts will be looking at how that turned out. This poor craven is coated in hard baseball-sized beshiary that ooze pus if struck. Equipment Bolding was in the actual book! There’s also some free talents if you didn’t pick them up at your base class: Another form of environmental hazard added by Exodus is toxic waste.

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