Exterminator! [William S. Burroughs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Conspirators plot to explode a train carrying nerve gas. A perfect . Exterminator [William S. Burroughs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In one of the earliest book-length critical studies of WSB’s work, the excellent William Burroughs: The Algebra of Need, Eric Mottram writes that “Exterminator! is a.

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Instead, we get a snippet here, a snippet there, and they might be chronological, and the might not.

Ecola Termite and Pest Control Services. Go for it if you’re up for it, but if you think it’s not s.ubrroughs thing, you’re probably right.


Milner rated it liked it. Frenetic, jumbled, paranoid and gleefully profane.

In the s, actor Ed Asner recorded a spoken word adaptation of “Wind Die. I do get the feeling thou When I first sunk my teeth into this book, I was not so sure it was going to be a good ‘un. Please provide an email address. Familiar albeit new is “The Lemon Kid” who puts the whammy on show-biz folk; “Johnny 23” that offs hostile vibes and unfortunately people via “virus replication outside the body”; Bently the kiss of death; scientologists galore; the Purple Better One “a friend to all good Darkies everywhere” ; pictures that cause visual stigmata by visual power; plus endless sodomistic adolescents, sadistic cops, doped-out freaks — skeletons of ten movies Burroughs will only give stage directions for.

So why is The Exterminator! There are no heroes in Burroughs’ books.

EXTERMINATOR! by William S. Burroughs | Kirkus Reviews

View s.bufroughs 8 comments. I guess Burroughs’s writing was too smart for me to figure out overall. Ministry had gone all loud by then and everybody in Chicago knew Jorgensen was a prick.


Some of the stories, such as “Ali’s Smile”, had previously been published in other books and magazines such as Rolling StoneVillage VoiceEvergreen Reviewand Esquire. Samantha rated it it was amazing Mar 28, Five books have been published of his interviews and correspondences. It has a pretty decent fable in a form wulliam short stories.


Some of the social isssues addressed by this book may seem wulliam, but if you’re in the mood for a poetic, psychotic vision of the demise of the human race, this is the book for you. There are moments when Burroughs comes across as abrasively repetitive such as the ‘nigger-hating sheriff’ character who seems to make an appearance in almost every Burroughs novel. The bit on the discipline of DE begged to be expanded on, the language is often startlingly vivid even in the shitty sections, of course and I was still stopped in my tracks by “Do you begin to see there is no face there in the tarnished mirror?

But either way, I’m sure it’ll p Mosaic-like novel, eh?

Exterminator! by William S. Burroughs

You can’t give zero stars here, and Exterminator! Sep 23, Laoirse rated it it was amazing. In my defence, I studied science and not a literature and I am sure that others find this book to be a work of literary genius, but I am not that person. He says s.burgoughs much with such simple terms its like his language is guided by the principle less is more, but with many naturalistic poetic images that can’t leave anyone resigned.

The lies are obvious. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Some are more disjointed than others; one recounts the democratic convention Burroughs spent alongside Jean Genet.


Part of this is just context, in more than one way; the first time I read Exterminator!

A primary figure of the Beat Generation and a major postmodernist author, he is considered to be “one of the most politically trenchant, culturally influential, and innovative artists of the 20th century”. Apr 18, Raegan Extermintaor rated it really liked it. The closest to a short story collection by the cranky and hysterical William S.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Remember that back in at the height of Cuban missile crisis, we were only moments away from possible nuclear disaster. Re-reading it now, which I did over the course of a few days commuting on the subway and bus, I didn’t get as caught up in it as before and before Burroughs or anyone el I used to have this down as a five star book. Jun 21, Ian Mathers rated it it was ok Shelves: Be the first to discover new talent!

Burroughs on the Road Corso: Science – fantasy wars, racism, corporate capitalism, drug addiction, and various medical and psychiatric horrors all play their parts in this mosaiclike, experimental novel. To ask other readers questions about Exterminator! So while a couple pages can pass with what seem like disjointed recurring images of Clancy the cop, someone named Audrey, and the number 23, after wading through the mire the reader is rewarded with a surprisingly and unexpected pulling together of seemingly loose ends.

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