View and Download Games PC F1 CHALLENGE instruction manual online. Full text of “F1 CHALLENGE 99 02”. See other i of this manual. By following the . When manual shifting, ensure that you shift up as the red light appears. F1 Challenge Manual. admin 15/02/ 0Comments Views. Downloads: Mediafire Download · Download Download · Offline? Our website is made.

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As the season progresses, challengd screens can provide a useful insight into the current Drivers and Constructors Championship, 4. You have now reached the point where downforce Is becoming the dominant factor and the effects of drag are beginning to reduce your top speed.

It Is important to turn in early and smoothly, as dramatic changes of direction can lead to a catastrophic spin.

Games PC F1 CHALLENGE 99-02 User Manual

Ta sef up a Ciiampiansirtpj 1. Select the control you wish to change by clicking on it. Chatting with Other Players Use manjal Chat option to send messages to other drivers before starting a race.

When you are happy with your choices, dick the Back arrow icon. If you make your pit stop before the pit crew are ready, it may take longer to make your pit stop than planned. Test your changes by driving a few laps as before and then repeat the above. Instant Replay Set the period of time to be replayed when an instant replay is activated from seconds. Clutch Assistance When set to ON. TfRES Indicates whether the tires should be changed at the next pit stop and, if so, which compound should be used.


The objective is to carry your speed into and all the way through the corner. Edit Starting Grid The host player can access the edit Starting Grid icon option only during the warm up session.

Having driven a few laps, you should have noticed that the engine is never achieving maximum RPM i. The blue LEDs flash when you are about to be lapped and are expected to give way to the lead car behind. Set the number of other drivers that you will compete against.

F1 Challenge 99-02 Manual

Remember that the fastest line in qualifying may not be the best line in a race when you may be closely followed by a rival. By following the simple steps listed in each of the sections wit hih these pages, you will learn the game’s default controls, how manuql create your own Player identity, the layout of the cockpit, and how to drive.

If this document matches the user guide, instructions manual or user manual, feature sets, schematics you are looking for, download it now. The red LEDs flash on and off if you have been disqualified.

Click the icon twice to activate double -speed reverse scan. As both cornering and straight-line speed are fundamental factors of racing, it fs imperative to find the best compromise between these factors.

Practice four sessionsQualifying, Warm Up, and Race. The Players screen appears. Choose default audio settings from LOW.

F1 Challenge 99 02 No Cd Patch – manual-softwares

Download the complete user guide Ko. Blue indicates that the tires are cold while red Indicates that the tires are at race temperature. While the Front Wing, Rear Wing, and Gearing are key aspects of the car setup, you are aware by now that there are many other aspects that can be adjusted. Current Vour current lap time. Automatically set chwllenge grid position in races. Wing Indicates the angle to which the front wfng should be adjusted.


F1 Challenge 99 02 Manual

To end any practice, qualifying, or warm up session quickly, dick the Finish Session icon to accelerate time and generate results for the session. Split The difference between your current lap time and your best lap time, as at the last timing sector.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Adjust the sensitivity of your inputs to be more or less sensitive at high speeds. Select a nationality and then dick the Accept icon to progress to the Main menu. Detailed instructions for use are in the User’s Guide. When the engine does not achieve maximum RPM, you are not stretching the engine to its full potential and therefore not achieving maximum challengf speed.

Once the grid order displayed is mqnual desired dick Accept to return to the session status screen. Controller Assignments Icon Redefining Controls 1. RedOctane will not be liable from chaplenge resulting from improper use of the Controller.

Notice that your Estimated EST. The higher the setting, the more your viewpoint looks into the turn.

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