A blank 24 hour, 7 day template on a single classic page. Used as an anti- procrastination tool in Dr. Niel Fiore’s The Now Habit. Created using. In The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play, Dr. Neil Fiore writes about a time management tool he. According to Neil Fiore and 30 years of research, procrastination isn’t the The Unschedule looks like a normal schedule, but with a twist.

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The only thing you schedule is time OFF. Oct 25, 4: Related Google Goodies User login Username: Bunk Oct 4, 2: Have you tried Unscheduling your life?

I;d love to see an updated site.

Unschedule – Anti-Procrastination Productivity System from Neil Fiore – The Now Habit

Rather, procrastination is a symptom, a way of coping with deep psychological self-criticism and fear. January 1, Reply. Thank you so much for making the online version available. Ah, I guess I did misread it or got it confused with something I read in the post that brought me here in the first place. I agree that scheduling anything shorter than 30 minutes is a unsvhedule. Sorry, unschhedule blog cannot share posts by email.


LifeClever ;-)How to Unschedule your work and enjoy guilt-free play

How to unschedyle it. My energy level has gone up and I stay motivated and focused all day. Oct 4, 4: Oct 26, 3: So Chanpory, have you finished reading The Now Habit? Do not record the time on your Unschedule if you stop before thirty minutes are up. All rights to those who hold them. This was my first time using the Widget Kit, open source software, or a drawing program, so please bear with me. Foire 26, Reply.

Emphasize what viore did accomplish and adjust your Unschedule for days you need to start earlier on high-priority projects. I notice you recommend the book in the right column.

I hope it works for you in practice.

Instead of scheduling fipre you have to do, you fill in everything you want to do. I was just monkeying around. Take credit only for periods of work that represent at least thirty minutes of uninterrupted work. August 12, Reply.


Now Habit Schedules > Fiore ProductivityFiore Productivity

My day rarely begins before 4am, but will occasionally end there, so I set this template up to reflect that. Navigation Latest images Recent posts.

Use the boxes at the bottom of the page to tally the total number of hours you’ve recorded for the project s you’re focusing on. For more, check out the archives. Comment viewing options Flat list – collapsed Flat list – expanded Threaded list – collapsed Threaded list – expanded. The Unschedule is focused on taking actions to change perceptions of work.

Oct 4, 2: January 17, Reply. Paul Oct 4, For more ways to overcome procrastination, I definitely recommend checking out The Now Habit.

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