Frederick Charles Beiser is an American author and professor of philosophy at Syracuse He has since edited two Cambridge anthologies on Hegel, The Cambridge Companion to Hegel () and The Cambridge Companion to Hegel and. Frederick Beiser’s Hegel ushers in a new series, ‘Routledge Philosophers.’ The list of contributing authors is a distinguished one, yet nobody. In this magisterial and lucid introduction, Frederick Beiser covers every major aspect of Hegel’s thought. He places Hegel in the historical context of.

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A masterpiece of clarity and scholarship, Hegel is both the ideal starting point for those coming to Hegel for the first time and essential reading for any frederiick or scholar of nineteenth century philosophy.

Many of the major philosophical movements of the twentieth century – from existentialism to analytic philosophy – grew out of reactions against Hegel. Hubert rated it really liked it Nov 26, hegell Still, in an age of global scholarship, where there is so much to be read, there is perhaps not time to read Hegel, so; one must read a brief exegesis.

He begins with the philosophical context and Hegel’s early ideals, then in part two examines Hegel’s ‘absolute idealism,’ his organicist metaphysics and conception of ‘spirit,’ and “the religious dimension” in his thought an admiring nod here to Emil Fackenheim. Beiser says that he wants to provide not so much exegesis as a comprehensive overview aimed primarily at the first-time reader.

Jun 27, Enoch Kuo rated it really liked it. To somewhat overstate the case, there is ferderick peculiar lack of a sense of consequence, as if these things can be studied at a remove and none of it really matters.

Science Logic and Mathematics. At the same time it leads Beiser to slight the so-called “analytic” interpretation which has been instrumental in the recent Anglophone revival of Hegel’s philosophy, since Findlay and others.


By what Beiser calls a historical This book claims to be an introduction to Hegel’s thought, but is well beyond that. The major failure of the book, at least in my view, is in neglecting to provide sufficient reason why Hegel should be read: James Kreines – – Philosophy Compass 1 5: Hegel is one of the more caricatured philosophical figures, and this book serves incredibly well to dispel many of the misunderstandings about him by emphasising the fundamental systematic role of metaphysics in his thought.

Ioannis Trisokkas – – Clio: I didn’t find myself lost at any point, even when I couldn’t wrap my head Pretty interesting and well written introduction to Hegel. View all 6 comments. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Throughout, the book offers enough synthesis to provide a sufficiently unified interpretation as to be readable while carefully and studiously avoiding precluding further possibilities of discussion and reflection. Beiser tells us that he had shelved early ambitions to write a commentary on Hegel’s Phenomenology when he learned of H.

I didn’t agree with all of Besier speculations, but Beiser succeeds in making them never seem pointless. Many of the central difficulties that Hegel and others of the time were trying to navigate at the time are set forward with clear and almost analytic precision, yet the book does not seem to sacrifice careful and nuanced interpretation to simplicity of style.

In situating Hegel so well in his intellectual context, an approach which is of course fitting considering the beixer of wider culture and society to Hegel’s thought, he helps the reader have some sympathy with the ideas. Hegel is a good example geiser the philosopher as product of his time, and Beiser does an incredible job of explaining the contemporary issues he was responding to. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

German Philosophy from Kant to Fichte Harvard, was widely influential in revising the commonly held, but notorious accounts of German Idealism. In a remarkable fashion it fused the rationalist, voluntarist and historicist traditions, preserving their truths and canceling their errors” It performs its function fdederick well; a thoughtful and well chosen bibliography, selected particularly with the student in mind, testifies to the success of its pedagogical intentions.



Part three takes up epistemological issues: Request removal from index. It is this tone of calm pedagogy that pervades the book and makes it so eminently comprehensible that also contributes to some of the volumes stranger generic features. Recent work by, for example, Dieter Henrich or Manfred Frank has brought out the importance of this almost forgotten beisdr, and its prominence in the opening chapter is welcome.

He then spent the springs of and at the University of Wisconsin—Madison and University of Colorado Boulderrespectively. Beiser earned his DPhil.

Frederick C. Beiser – Wikipedia

The dynamicity and openness of Hegel’s thought consists precisely in this failing process as a process. Goodreads helps hege keep track of books you want to read. Added to PP index Total downloads 65of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 2of 2, How can I increase my downloads? Hegel’s ideas about the perfect state are kind of amusing, feederick also interesting in the ways they prefigure social democrat policies.

Moreover, it will become manifest that the other is not so much an absolute other than something whose otherness results only from limits of the context, or what Hegel calls abstraction.

That gives a fair impression of the author’s briskly reconciling attitude. While broadly justified, this is to overlook Fichte’s role in supplying the very term “recognition” Anerkennung that figures as key to the narrative the “dialectic of grederick Hegel proceeds to tell.

Kant’s Epistemic Limits and Hegel’s Ambitions. As soon as those limits are removed in speculative thought, the other ceases to be an absolute other and is reconciled into a greater whole.

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