Solo Guitar Playing has ratings and 3 reviews. Lance said: I recommend this one for any student of the instrument, beginning through intermediate, no. also Solo Guitar Playing Books 1 & 2 [FN52 & FN70] repertoire CDs along with Frederick Noad’s Memorial CD [FN 50] is now available in MP3 format and can. Available in: Multimedia Set. (Music Sales America). Express yourself through the beautiful voice of the solo guitar. Solo Guitar Playing can.

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Board nad All times are UTC. Julius rated it really liked it Nov 04, View our privacy policy. Mainly acoustic, with finger picking. I also find there’s a bit of lack of explanations of techniques, obviously the teacher is there to explain these things, but from the point of view of a ‘self-taught’ student, there’s too many unanswered and poorly frrederick examples.

The book is almost an all in one book, but at the same time so much material is introduced way too quickly.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. From that perspective I can honestly say the Noad books represent the best teach-your-self material, in any field, I’ve come across.

Noad | Solo Guitar Playing Volume 1 part B – CD only

Book 1 with CD by Frederick Noad. However, studies like Sor or Giuliani studies or the Brouwer studies are great supplementary material for students as well. After having worked through this book, I have improved my technique, my musical repertoire, my note-reading abilities and have grown to love the classical guitar so much, that I haven’t picked up the electrical guitar since.

Any comments on thumb placement vis a vis orientation to the neck and hand. I recommend this one for any student of the instrument, beginning through intermediate, not just Classical students. onad


Johns rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Since its first printing inFrederick Noad’s Solo Guitar Playing has been used by countless students and teachers of classical guitar. This will allow you to work from original sheet music, and you will play from musical notes, rather than fret numbers.

Chester rated it really liked it Nov 25, If you keep at it, you will learn it. No items in cart click to view. Jonathan rated it it was amazing Mar 27, At least it was for me. The later pieces, the ‘solo’ pieces are great, and I often substitute from THIS book rather then vise versa. If they are working with a teacher or plaaying, there is certainly a great amount of material in that book, and would be a great book if it weren’t for the major faults I find in the sequence and playihg of explanations.

Noad | Solo Guitar Playing Volume 1 part B – CD only

Fantastic book for self study. But then again, I have a feeling my teaching style is quite different from what Noad’s was, thus why I don’t use the book.

As a further experiment, do the same and wiggle the fingers. What rate of progress would you anticipate someone making if they practices plwying for 1 hr; for 2 hrs? Instead of set examples that only deal with the position in question, he goes right to shifting positions, this is where supplemental material would be needed if I used it.

Don Sansone rated it really liked it May 01, Also, I think there is a big void as far as “teach yourself” methods go, as none of them are really good or intended for that.

So I guess I use this book as a supplementary book rather then as my main source of instruction. I will concede I am autodidactic and the CG is not my only self taught undertaking, so in that sense, I’d say I am somewhat of an expert on self help material.


Frank Lopez rated it it was amazing Nov 27, Yunxiao rated it really liked it Jul 23, NOT good for a book that is also meant to be for the self taught student.

Ronald A Waldo rated it really liked it Mar 19, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

playiny Cheers, geo bestposts method book. BTW, this is a big Ramirezso you can see I have big hands and I still use the 4th finger approach. The hardest part for me was learning how to read notes, since I had only been reading from tab previously.

Evaluations: Noad’s &quot -Solo Guitar Playing&quot – Vol 1 – Classical Guitar

Giambarba rated it it was amazing Oct 23, This is why I discontinued using it about 15 drederick ago. For years, the most popular classical guitar method guittar published! This has made me very happy now as the book stays open wherever one wishes. In particular, I think it would be helpful to include: I think what Lare is referring to is using the fourth finger to fret notes even though the third finger could reach.

The hardest part for me was This book is a challenge. Open Preview See a Problem? Solo Guitar Playing can fredrrick even the person with no previous musical training how to progress from simple single-line melodies to mastery of the guitar as a solo instrument.

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