Find Bard-specific leveling spots to get from 1 to 70 and proven strategies and walkthroughs for grinding or farming in the Bard Songs of Death Guide. Bard Class Guide. Bards are the jack of all trades in EQ but masters of none. They have a large array of abilities making them extremely versatile classes. Fear kiting As the Armor Class of most bards is not that high and due to the lack of a Finacol’s Secret Bard Guide to EverQuest – .. from the initial area, you ‘re free to pull from three paths for as long as you want, or until.

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Some of them are spellcasters. The zone experience bonus and excellent loot make this play style a valuable addition.

Bard melodies by level range : Agnarr

From barv 49 on you can use the song Selo’s Accelerating Chorus that lasts for seconds. And don’t forget to everrquest instruments in and out to maximize song effects.

A griffin killed by a noob with a flute, running in circles Bard damage mitigation does benefit from Parry and Reposte skills, so it many cases the faster a Bard weapon the better in context of damage mitigation.

Just keep Selos up, try to lull, and zone out if you get a critical resist.


What follows are some suggestions for fighting in the popular OoW exp fgee. I learned most of this through experimentation, through playing other classes including enchanters, monks and necros, and by reading other guides and tips assembled on this wiki and on the P99 forums.

Bards solo more effectively outdoors than indoors. Post armor class becomes ghide important the stat bonuses. Stick to kiting one at a time and stay away from caster mobs and mobs that do damage at distance until you know what you are doing.

Your advice is really valuable. So unless the mobs are facing away from you, you can’t sneak pull safely as a Bard. It is amazing, and looks amazing, and god I want one.

EverQuest Bard Guide

Your Charm spell lasts up to 18 seconds and you can control eveequest mob during this period. Sometimes you don’t have a defined role. The best ways to get a bard from 1 to 70, including information about experience quests, dungeon hunting, special bard strategies. Once charm breaks, mez the higher hp mob.

This way you will get to know escape and fear paths very well and be able to develop a good sense of timing. Brad is actually an efficient way to duo with any class that can root. The mob will slow down and you can run to your chosen battlefield without being hit.


I could write an entire guide about Charming. Submit a new link. In case you want to get into these zones and believe me, you do! The same can be done my DSing one or both mobs with a Singing Steel Bracer or Ragefire Vambracesslowing one mob, or meleeing a bit with the other mob charmed. Then I hit “tab” again and make it attack another mob. If you are successful in clearing the trial, then you must hail the Scribe next to the priest to complete your flagging.


This way, I can swap out an instrument without opening the inventory screen or a bag. Choose whatever UI you like. It is tempting to dump skill points into Strength at startup, but no more than 5, and those 5 would probably be better spent on Charisma. Nowadays it is rarely camped, but if it is, you can find plenty of other mobs around the area that respawn quite fast. But essentially I’d like to learn to pull, CC, charm, and kite even if it’s outdated. Start recharming your target, and if you are too early, just hit your charm macro again it will stop the song and cast the new one.

After awhile you develop an intuition for when Charm is going to break.

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