Fresenius Renal Technologies offers a wide range of biocompatible, polysulfone dialyzers to meet the clinical needs of all patient types. Proven. Hollow Fiber Dialyzer. GENERAL INFORMATION. Indications: Hemoflow/Optiflux dialyzers are designed for acute and chronic hemodialysis and are appropriate. The FX-class® dialysers are sterilised by the unique. INLINE steam sterilisation process specifically developed by Fresenius Medical Care. During the INLINE.

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Contributions to Nephrology, Karger, Basel, All dialyzers have to pass the bubble point test as part of the INLINE steam sterilization process Sterile air is pressed into the dialyzate compartment while the blood compartment contains sterile water If any leakages were present in the membrane, air would pass through the membrane and create bubbles Dialyzers failing the integrity test are discarded This integrity test minimizes the risk of fibre ruptures and the risk of blood leakages.

Optimized header design 5. The 3-dimensional microwave structure of the fiber ensures uniform radial dialysate flow around each fiber within the bundle by preventing fluid channeling, thereby enhancing clearance values and improving the overall performance of the dialyzer. Wendel, Saarland, facility Fresenius Medical Care develops and manufactures life-saving products for the treatment of patients with chronic kidney failure.

Images of therapies and products – Fresenius Medical Care

Thrombogenicity of dialyser membranes as assessed by residual blood volume and surface morphology at different heparin dosages. The goal is to use innovative therapy concepts and modern technology from Fresenius Medical Care to ensure the best-possible quality of life for chronic kidney patients. Air pressure is applied to the fiber bundle from one side while the other side contains sterile water.

Older dialysis patients often suffer from additional illnesses that make it difficult to perform dialysis at home. More even distribution of pores Estimated increased average pore size of 1. Highly pure, sterile and pyrogen-free dialyzers without any potentially harmful residuals from sterilization Biocompatibility of membranes remains unaffected from sterilization Optimized use of resources due to low rinsing volumes: The toxins can even disturb the rhythm of the heart or lead to infection in the pericardium heart sac.

Together with structural refinements to the support region of the fiber, this enables improvements in both diffusive and convective transport, which is of particular importance when performing High-Flux hemodialysis. Dialyzers are life-saving pieces of medical and technological art. Almost 4 million people suffer from chronic kidney failure around the world. The FX Dialyzers are developed for system compatibility, perfectly fitting into automatic priming procedures with low rinsing volumes and short preparation times.


The organs also regulate the acid-base balance in the body, preventing the acidification of the blood. Refined membrane architecture New production technology combined with INLINE steam sterilization allows crucial enhancements of membrane porosity, reducing flow resistance and improving transport across the membrane.

By continuing to browse the website, you consent to our use of cookies. How does the blood -cleansing procedure work? Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all Asia Pacific countries.

The lightness and sustainability of the material is represented by floating caps, which were captured with a special lens that gives the image a feeling of immediate airiness and clarity. The benefits of INLINE steam sterilization No chemical residuals No need for gamma sterilization — high energy ionizing radiation can degrade and alter the material chemistry.

The peritoneum has characteristics similar to those of the dialyzer: Since developing this innovation, Fresenius Medical Care has continuously improved its dialyzers and has expanded its production capacities in St.

The design minimizes the risk of kinking, contributing to improved safety A high capillary density leads to a more even distribution of the fibers. In addition, the device injects drugs such as Heparin that restrain coagulation.

More than half of all dialysis machines worldwide come from Fresenius Medical Care’s production sites. Fresenius Medical Care uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service.

As the most prominent visible characteristic, the color blue of the FX Dialyzer caps became the inspiration point for our unique blue art project.

In the early s, the research team in St. Moreover, the FX Dialyzers have a removable label that can easily be attached to patient records, allowing for quick documentation.

For this reason, patients with chronic kidney failure must also take drugs to control e. Working patients especially benefit from home dialysis since it offers more flexibility.

Dialyzers are used only once in most industrialized countries. A constantly repetitive process results in infinity. Depending upon the manufacturer, the fibers are made from such biocompatible materials as cellulose acetate or polysulfone. Significantly higher removal freesnius were observed with FX CorDiax for: The advanced design of the FX Dialyzers adds a dimension that reflects the thought, care and quality that went into its construction.


Pyrogen transfer across high- and low-flux hemodialysis membranes. The advanced housing material of any FX Dialyzer is made of environmentally friendly and lightweight polypropylene.

Dialyzer weight Dialyzer weight is a crucial factor not only in logistics but also in waste management The housing of FX dialyzers is made of polypropylene. The medical device and therapy related information on this website is aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals.

FX Dialyzers — Blue makes a difference

This enables a homogenous distribution of the incoming blood flow into each fiber in the bundle Homogeneous dialysate flow for better clearances The pinnacle structure at both ends of the polypropylene housing together with the potting technology provides an even, radial flow of the dialysate around the individual fibers of the bundle The undulation of the hollow fibers prevents dialysate channeling and, thus, enhances the performance of the dialyzer.

Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all Asia Pacific countries. Several state-of-the-art technologies have been combined to create the distinctive functional properties of the FX Dialyzers.

The solution containing the toxins and excess water is eventually removed through the catheter and replaced with fresh solution. Wendel site and highlighted the major role played by the plant in the success of Fresenius Medical Care. A dialysis machine pumps blood from a special vascular access in the lower arm of the patient into a dialyzer, the so-called artificial kidney.

Advanced design goes beyond direct functionality, it also has to be easy on the environment.

Dialysis – Fresenius

Each artist granted another level of meaning, a unique interpretation or a new perspective to apply to the distinctive functional properties of the FX Dialyzers. Benefit of reduced inner fiber diameter Both Graphs are adapted from original publication.

Low rinsing volumes Rinsing time and volume is substantially lower compared to gamma sterilized dialyzers Lower costs Lower rinsing volumes mean reduced preparation costs. The structure of the support region is crucial to overall performance Membrane porosity, together with the pore size, regulates the transport of middle molecules.

The larger diameter facilitates improved flow conditions, allowing for higher convective volumes in an HDF treatment 2.

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