The Futaba 9C manual is pages, but don’t let that scare you. The pages contain explanations of each function of the radio, as well as practical examples. So I got a new (to me) 9C Super recently and could have sworn (prior to purchase) that there was an “aftermarket” manual for this that is easier. I have a 9C and I was told there is a manual on-line you can get that explains function beter. I kinda new to the heli R/C. I raced oval cars for.

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FUTABA 9 CHP SUPER Instruction Manual

The basic radio has eight 8 model memories, and many fliers opt for the module that expands this to fourteen It is more expensive than the standard RF module, but very convenient at crowded fields. The 9CA super has digital trims which are different from conventional mechanical trim sliders.

By giving each model a name that is immediately recognizable, you can quickly select the correct model, and minimize the chance of flying the wrong model memory which could lead to a crash. It has four buttons and a large rotary futava near the front bottom of the case.


Always use an extension of the proper length. To remove, press the tabs together and gently pull rearwards.

Less chance of using the wrong model. By pressing ‘print’ button you furaba print only current page. Set up programmable mixes ex: Each T is actually a two-direction switch.

Cyclic roll is typically called aileron. Allows travel of the servo in each direction to match the required function, e. There are a variety of reasons you might want to use these mixes.


Manuwl text from picture: Page 62 Set up additional programmable mixes, ex: Contact Futaba Service Center regarding adjustability of receiver band. It follows our basic format of all programming pages: The rotary dial helps you find the function you need, very fast.

This will display basics such as model name, type, timer and voltage. No more fussing with getting trim in just the right spot for landings or take offs!

Options Quote message in reply? Futaba puts the manuals online where people can research the radios they are considering to purchase. The radio can also be purchased with a synthesizer module, which allows you to select any available channel that you would like to use. Don’t have an account?


May also be used creatively to create a delayed servo on a different function see www.

The 9C super may be master or student mannual any Futaba FM transmitter compatible with the cord. To remove, press the tabs together and gently pull rearwards. Full Scale Heli threads go in OT please.

Just bought a EVO You can select a system with your choice of receiver type: This manual also for: Radios can be futaaba for less money, but are sometimes outgrown quickly. Page 11 Mix flaperon’s flap motion to another inboard flap plugged into aux1: To print the manual completely, please, download it.

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