Specializing in Individual and Team Training, Camps and Instructional DVDs, annually, Ganon Baker and the Pro Trainers of Ganon Baker Basketball, host. The two You Tube videos on this page have 5 basketball skill development drills from Ganon Baker. My hope for this post is that you will find a. Combine skill development with split-second decision-making with these high- intensity drills from Ganon Baker. Learn how to practice and reinforce proper.

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Add to Wish List. The included drills are fun and competitive, and your players will enjoy practice basketbsll than ever. What Part of the Tree do you have on your team?

Ganon Baker

This item also belongs to the following series! Learning to make split second decisions on the court can often gznon the difference between success and failure. By utilizing Baker’s workout program, your players will be challenged to improve their teamwork and making precision reads. Instantly stream this video to any device! I have made it my personal mission to help baketball more people reach levels of excellence that might seem impossible at times.

Learn how to practice and reinforce proper decision making during skill development baskeyball Shake up your slasher’s game with four types of one-foot floaters Learn how to read a single defender’s hand to determine the best way to attack. I wish it was a bit more in depth in regards to game situations like transition, but otherwise it was a great video.


This is Ganon Baker. Working simultaneously on basketball skills and the mental aspect within each battle is what makes this video so unique. Basketball IQ Development Drills. My journey has been filled with invaluable lessons in basketball and business along the way Some I learned the hard way.

You will learn how to teach players to build their skills while also making them think on the fly. Down Screen Drill – This drill is great for both forwards and guards who need to learn to play with their back to the basket. Buy Now, Watch Now!

New Stories with Ganon Baker in. Narrow Pin Down Drill – A great two-man drill that teaches team work in addition to the skill. What parts of the tree do you have on your team?

Basketball, An Interview with Ganon Baker, Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Coaching and Playbook

Combine skill development with split-second decision-making with these high-intensity drills from Ganon Baker. Baker begins by breaking down his philosophy on building a workout that focuses on the mental aspects of the game. Hit the button below to learn how me and my team can workiut YOU get better.

He grew up, I mean literally grew up watching my skill training videos. The workout begins with Attack the Cones drills.

As players attack the defender head-on, they must also read the closeout correctly and then beat a second defender after the first defender. Players who want to excel must be able to make split second decisions.


Reading Two Defenders – Ball control, explosiveness, and competitiveness are baskeyball a few of the elements involved in this drill.

I had someone send me this and it made so much sense to. Bring me or one of my Ganon Baker Basketball Nation members right to your gym or come to workour. Was this review helpful?

ganom The drills that follow address this theory. Coach Baker is a high energy dude I continue to grow personally by constantly connecting with people all over the World that have proven to be excellent resources for anyone that plays or coaches the beautiful game of basketball.

A fantastic set of drills that gano quickly helping out my high school girls improve their bazketball, shot selection and drives. Ganon Baker’s Skill Development System. December 14, No Comments. Pure Sweat Skill Development Currently 5.

He identifies the maturation process a player must go through to elevate their game, as well as what it takes for a coach to get them through the process. I have been able to pass this knowledge forward any time a Player, Coach or Skill Trainer would ask me for help and in turn this helped them all improve beyond their dreams. December 21, No Comments.

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