Spain (present-day Mexico), in , Gaspar Yanga led the escape of his fellow slaves into nearby mountains. There they lived for nearly 40 years, arming and. The heritage of Africans in Mexico after Christopher Columbus is a rarely explored topic in the history books of the Americas. Gaspar Yanga is one of the. Not keeping up with technology is an excellent path to becoming a slave. Happens to the best of humans. It happened to Gaspar Yanga, and.

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Yanga—who was quite old by this time—decided to use his troops’ superior knowledge of the terrain to resist the Spaniards, with the goal of causing them enough pain to draw them to the negotiating table. Curtis February 29, at 3: Back to Online Encyclopedia Index. Blacks in Colonial Latin America Albuquerque: Kenya Waller November 6, at 8: The Spaniards advanced into the maroon settlement and aynga it.

Yanga: An African Prince, Mexican Hero, and Freedom Leader

The dreadful rule that banned gaapar women from displaying their hair 10 Black iconic figures who have white partners. Thanks again, and Yes this should be in History books. He led one of the most successful slave rebellions.


Inthe town of San Lorenzo de los Negros de Cerralvo was developed. Inafter Mexico had become independent of Spain, Vicente Riva Palacio, a grandson of Mexican president Vicente Guerrero, plumbed Inquisition archives with plans to yanag about Yanga.

The chronicles were written for Spaniards, using a Eurocentric lens.

Yanga maintained the role of strategic organizer. Not keeping up with technology is an excellent path to becoming a slave. They say he was such a violent man, that he was a criminal, that he was a thief.

After Africans arrived in Mexico, they were immediately introduced to different plantations and other work environments, with scarce provisions and no rights or basic human needs. The first small African palenque was formed thereafter.

Gaspar Yanga | African abolitionist and colonial leader |

AroundYanga led a band of slaves in escaping to the highlands near Veracruz. The Spanish authorities decided to take control of this territory again in He characterized the maroons of San Lorenzo de los Negros as proud men who would not be defeated. Gadpar Jallow October 20, at AfriSynergy March 28, at 3: Ina settlement was signed and agreed upon by both sides. During these times of faspar, a particular individual stood out as one of the most important founders of one of the very first fights for the abolition of slavery ever recorded but unfortunately forgotten —GASPAR YANGA.

Brought to Mexico in chains, Gaspar Yanga and his followers staged a bloody rebellion

Yqngafive decades after Mexican independence, Yanga was designated as a “national hero of Mexico” and El Primer Libertador de las Americas. Greetings, I’m happy to stumble upon your blog. But, the maroons fled into the surrounding terrain, which they knew well, and the Spaniards could not achieve a conclusive victory. He acquired his first name, Gaspar, when he was captured and sold into slavery.


Gaspar Yanga and Blacks in Mexico: After years of negotiations, inthe town of San Lorenzo de Los Negros was officially recognized by Spanish authorities as a free black settlement.

Gaspar Yanga

It is now called Yanga. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They had been after the African for decades, but never in such numbers.

This was based largely on an account by historian Vicente Riva Palacio. Maria Valdez September 12, at 8: AroundYanga along with a group of slaves revolted against their Spanish captors and ywnga in the hilltops near Veracruz, Mexico.

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