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This is the hypnogogic state shown in Figure 2. Almost from your first breath you have lived with this duality. We have seen several cases of minor possession resulting from this technique when it was practised without the necessary psychic protection.

What You Did There Your travelling should have been in the here-now. Do everything you can to remember the registration numbers and the types and makes of vehicles you see. Whichever way you respond will be the way that you should emphasize first in developing your dream recall, for it is the primary way in which your mind thinks.

Hopefully you have made love at about 9 p. You have all the cares of the day and all the problems neatly written down and placed under the iron in the oven in the kitchen.

If anything at all threatens your body, if an intruder comes into the house or the building catches fire or anything happens to pose a threat, a message is passed faster than light along the thread, and the very next instant you are back in your body fully conscious and in control of it. In this way your own record will show you that your Necessities are being met and that permanent changes are coming into your life on a long-term basis.


Newspapers — If they are in a language you understand, read the headlines. Reading recent texts on the subject of astral travel discloses no mention of these phenomena, though, as you will see in Chapter 9, ancient writings support the existence and the authenticity of these modern findings.

Astral Travel: Your Guide to the Secrets of Out-of-the-Body Experiences by Gavin Frost

You can have a whole life on the other side. Then on one hand the author says astral projection is really safe, only to have a whole chapter on the dangers of OBEs, posession, and similar things. If you have no set bedtime, then you will be awakened every morning at a different stage of dreaming, and every morning it will provide a little different shock to your system.

We urge you to avoid coffee, and drink instead plain water: One day his twelve-year-old son persuaded Harry to take him into one of the caves.

There is nothing pulling at you. They are asral spiritually, and they will never be compatible on the earth plane. We are most insistent on record keeping because so many people swear to us in all sincerity that their astral trips never happen and that the whole procedure is a fake and not worth the fee.

Ravyn Shadowdrake rated it really liked it Jan 29, In fact later investigation showed that Al fell from the ladder at almost the same moment that I fell down the stairs and in fact all!

After you have been in the room for ten minutes, you should be able to pick out dimly the major articles of urniture. People today are highly mobile; they travel to new jobs and better opportunities as a matter of course.

Many people meditate successfully without ever having heard of the need for protection. There is no hiding of emotion on the astral. You will not be harmed in any way by the experience because your astral is not a thing of flesh and blood.


When you find a spirit to which you are attracted, all you have to do is reach out with your intelligence and touch its intelligence. In other words, you can turn the pages of a book but you cannot lift the book. This time I was less scared, but still had no idea of how to get back into my body. You can do it without fear, for no one in all the t ousands of letters and reports that we have on file has ever reported any difficulty.

Rememberthat ov er percent of these researchers reported remembering their Astral Dreaming 47 astral trips the first night they tried! Realizing her fate lay in her own hands, Helga astral projected herself and searched for someone who could be made aware of her plight. The Light-Hearted Side of Astral Travel Astral projection, or more simply, letting your spirit travel without your body, is one of the most useful and entertaining skills you can ever learn.

Astral Travel: Your Guide to the Secrets of Out-of-the-Body Experiences

The best protection for the feet is a pair of moccasins. What you eventually end up doing frodt making a bargain with yourself. During the past decade more than a thousand people have been involved in the research.

Unless sex is your urgent Necessity, it is most important in this effort that you thoroughly relax the genitalia. Dr Swedenborg in Goteborg.

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