American anthropologist Liza Dalby is famous for being the first Western woman to have ever trained as a geisha. In this classic best seller, Liza Dalby, the first non-Japanese ever to have trained as a geisha, offers an insider’s look at the exclusive world of female. Geisha are exotic even in their homeland. At the same time, geisha are the most Japanese of Japanese. In this book, Liza Dalby examines these intriguing.

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It’s a really interesting insight not just into the geisha life but its cultural context as well – the history, politics, literature, class structure. In it, Dalby examines the history and many aspects of geisha life such as dress, ritual practice, initiation, shamisen playing and zashiki geisha parties.

Liza Dalby, the blue-eyed geisha

A came out of reading it was a greater understanding of the saintly origins of Valentine’s Day. I loved how Liza wrote about the history of Geisha in Japan and every tiny detail of the things in their life – Kimono and how it is worn, why it is worn, the way it is worn, the colours that are worn and why.

A Novel of Karma and Chaoswas published inin which she geisna to dalny fiction.

There are descriptions of ceremonies, status levels in The Flower and Willow World, things geisba a girl has to learn to become a geisha. Views Read Lizs View history. It was amazing that she, as a foreign woman, was allowed to train to bec I loved the book Memoirs of a Geisha as a fictional account and it was my first introduction to the Geisha lifestyle.

Dalby adresses the paradox that the women considered the most servile in Japan are also those with the most freedom, and by the time the book is finished it’s no longer a paradox, really. Music, Poetry and the art of entertaining. Hats off to the milliner of New York. And then she went away and wrote geiha thesis.

Liza Dalby

For her graduate studies, Dalby studied and performed fieldwork in Japan of the geisha community which she wrote about in her Ph. Half memoir, liaa historical text, Geisha is a wonderful text that covers everything one needs to know about these exotic artists. Well, no, not negative.


Today an air of paradox clings to geisha.

Liza Dalby – ImmortalGeisha

What influenced her decision to study geisha life in particular? Photos courtesy Liza Dalby. Okay, you go to dinner parties. As a writer, John McPhee, because he dives deeply into a subject and he can make you interested in absolutely anything.

The pen is mightier abroad. She then wrote a memoirCalby Wind Ilza the Ice: Besides taking us on a journey through little-known corners of Japan, it offers us an engaging and believable portrait of people driven to do things they may not have imagined.

Since that time, she has written five books. It also gives an explaination about the fact that people from West Europe, America often treat geishas as exclusive prostitutes, which is very untrue. Her first book, Geishawas based on her early research. A very good read.

Paperbackpages. A pity though that the book was written in I enjoyed this far more than ‘Geisha of Gion’, as it was much more insightful about the life ljza a modern geisha, and covers those outside the Kansai region.

Then you can stop reading about Geisha I’ve been an enthusiast of Japan and the Japanese culture daoby a young age, so Geisha by Liza Dalby was perhaps unsurprisingly an incredibly engaging and illuminating read for me.

Jan 16, Talya rated it really liked it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Whether discussing the finer points of tying kimono or handling tipsy customers, Dalby manages to craft an engaging, elegant read that is insightful and illuminating. Geisha remains [Dalby’s] best-known work and is the bible of geisha studies to this day” Times Literary Supplement show more. While I struggled with some of the Japanese words the book is still very readable and a must for anyone interested in this nation.

Dalby’s The Tale of Murasakia fictional biography of Murasaki Shikibu, an 11th-century court poet, whose work The Tale of Genji is considered a classic, was published in Her working as a geisha, her experiencing their world, is responsible for the breadth of her understanding” New York Times Book Review “Elegantly balanced But then one is always the exception in one’s own life I especially enjoyed learning more about Japan and its culture, which has always intrigued me, and the chapter on the kimono was a pleasantly engrossing surprise yes, I sew, and therefore should have expected to be so interested, but I digress.


Many today still believe that they are merely glorified prostitutes; a subject that Liza thoroughly addresses in her book with pictures and descriptions of practices between the two. A married American man going to geisha clubs or whatever. However, I found some of her conclusions too hastily drawn, for example her claim that being a wife and being a geisha is mutually exclusive.

Highly recommend if you are at all interested in this subject. I knew a lot of the information she addressed going in, but many of the technical aspects of the lifestyle and the traditions she discussed were new to me.

I appreciated that she wrote not only about Kyoto.

Liza Dalby, the blue-eyed geisha – Telegraph

It gave me a blast from the past What did Dalby make of it? According to The New York Times Book ReviewDalby sees ralby as eccentric, reflected in her writing, where she presents unusual yet interesting material. Though geisha are still considered a central part of Japanese culture, the tradition is changing.

Dalby talks about geisha via her personal narrative so sometimes we lea Lots of great information but I didn’t really like how Lizaa writes. Flap copy “Liza Dalby knows more about the subject than I’ll ever know, and she writes about it with grace and eloquence. And everything else is trappings. Great look inside world veisha geishas – women of art, “owners” of those feminine characteristics not considered in Japanese culture as owned or shouldn’t been showned by wives like sexiness.

It’s hard to come away from the book with the same mindset lixa entered it with from either a Japanese or Western perspective, if Dalby’s explanation of the geisha as a somewhat mysterious phenomenon in Japan itself is true.

This account of her unique experience provides an intimate look into a feminine community that has been the subject of rumor and fantasy for centuries in the West.

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