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But though in ancient times Masons were charged in every country to be of the religion of that country or nation, whatever it was, yet ’tis now thought more expedient only to oblige them to that religion in which all men agree, leaving their particular Opinions to themselves: Gdneral Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ahiman Rezon – Wikipedia

Organization And Statistics Vi. The suppression of the order with the story of the Grand Master James Molay and its pretended revival in Masonry, reproduced in the Hiram legend, representing the fall and the resurrection of the just or the suppression and the restoration of the natural rights of man, fitted in admirably with both Christian and revolutionary high grade systems.

Moreover, it is to be noticed that the clause declaring belief in the great Architect a condition of admission, was introduced into the text of the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of England, only in and that the same text says: The members of this Grand Lodge are known by the designation of “Ancient Masons”.

The brotherhood ought to disown the rebellion, but only in order to preserve the fraternity from annoyance by the civil authorities.

General Ahiman Rezon

This solidarity is openly avowed by Masonic authorities. The three degree system, first practised aboutbecame universal and official only after It excludes none on account of his belief. Rockwell, Grand Master Of Georgia.

In every age monarchs [American rituals: The identification of Masonry with geometry brings out the naturalistic character of the former. It was further decreed “there shall be the most perfect unity of obligation of discipline, or working. The wisdom of this regulation, remarks Mackey [90] “will be apparent when we consider, that if treason or rebellion were masonic crimes, almost every mason in the United Colonies, inwould have been subject to expulsion and every Lodge to a forfeiture of its warrant by the Grand Lodges of England and Scotland, under whose jurisdiction they were at the time”.


Origin And Early History Iii.

A fourth, geeneral “Royal Arch” degree [59] in use at least sinceis first mentioned inand though extraneous to the system of pure and ancient Masonry [60] is most characteristic of the later Anglo-Saxon Masonry. Of the civil magistrates, supreme and subordinate.

Inner work of Freemasonry — Masonic symbolism and oaths “From rezpn to last”, says Pike [] “Masonry is work”. The germs of nearly all these fantastic theories are contained in Anderson’s “The Constitutions of Free Masons”which makes Freemasonry coextensive with geometry and the arts based on it; insinuates that God, the Great Architect, founded Freemasonry, and that rezln had for patrons, Adam, the Patriarchs, the kings and philosophers of old.

Retrieved from ” https: Compared with the corresponding injunction of the “Gothic” constitutions of operative masonry, it is no less ambiguous than Article I concerning God and religion. The principle of them are [27] the method of recognition by secret signs, words, grips, steps, etc. They might also refer to “brotherly love, relief and truth”, generally with “religion” styled the “great cement” of the fraternity and called by Mackey [34] “the motto of our order and the characteristic of our profession”.

The principal Templar systems of the eighteenth century were the system of the “Strict Observance”, organized by the swindler Rosa and propagated by the enthusiast von Hundt; and the Swedish system, made up of French and Scottish degrees in Sweden. In its religious spirit Anglo-Saxon Masonry after undoubtedly retrograded towards biblical Christian orthodoxy. It is a fact attested by experienced men of all countries that, wherever Masonry is influential, non-Masons have to suffer in their interests from ahimn systematical preferment which Masons give each other in appointment to offices and employment.


Service At The Grave. It is principally due to the conservatism of English-speaking society in religious matters, to the influence of ecclesiastical members and to the institution of “lodge chaplains” mentioned in English records since By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Rite Of Illumination. Like the Royal Society, of which a large and most influential proportion of the first Freemasons were members [36] Masonry professes the empiric or “positivist” geometrical method of reason and deduction in the investigation of truth.

By the time the Ancients and Moderns united ineight editions had been published. In the scale of Masonic penalties, “expulsion” is the most severe.

The said practice of mutual assistance is so reprehensible that Masonic authors themselves [86] condemn it severely. There are besides many unaffiliated Masons having ceased to be members of a lodge who are not included.

reaon In the text of the same articles run variation from the edition of are given in italics: These freemasons formed a universal craft for themselves, with a system of secret signs and passwords by which a craftsman, who had been admitted on giving evidence of competent skill, could be recognized.

The same supremacy of the liberty of conscience is implied also in the unsectarian character, which Anglo-American Masons generql as the innermost essence of masonry. Name And Definition Ii.

The new lodges began as convivial societies, and their characteristic Masonic spirit developed but slowly. Outer Work Of Freemasonry Viii. Apart, then, from “mere childish allusions to the minor secrets”, the general tendency of this “History” is to exhibit the “unsectarianism” geeneral Masonry.

Great Britain and Colonies excluding Canada: The “Augustan” which is praised above all other styles alludes to “Humanism”, while the “Gothic” which is animan with ignorance and narrow-mindedness, refers to Christian and particularly Roman Catholic orthodoxy.

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