Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room [Geoff Dyer] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Huffington Post Best Book of the. Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room is a book by Geoff Dyer. Content[edit]. The book is a discussion by Dyer of the film Stalker directed. A Huffington Post Best Book of the Year There is no other writer at work today like the award-winning Geoff Dyer. Here he embarks on an investigation.

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Book review: ‘Zona’ by Geoff Dyer

Dyer claims to love the film, but seems to secretly resent its hold on him. As the 3 men return from the Zone and sit over a beer, tired and dirty from exertion and tension, they seem to realize what they sought hadn’t been found. Retrieved from ” https: Literally speaking it is.

The geocf is still going on about how insufferably boring everything is. Dyer’s depiction of his core film-going gekff is one in which his viewing was defined not by what he wanted to see — the case in our Netflix-friendly, Tivo-enriched, BitTorrent-supported era — but by what was available.

He was not able to finish. It was surrounded by barbed wire and a police cordon Feb 10, Robert Boyd rated it znoa was amazing Shelves: White, and all that—generic code names in the style of Reservoir Dogs. It contained a good deal of sound advice — “Watch for excess words. It’s that type of impossibility that made me sense the presence of the other in the novel, shown in the film and revealed in Dyer’s marvelous account.


He seems to have been given a contract by his publisher which says: Early on in the process of writing the book Dyer considered a structure where he could divide up his discussion into the film’s shots, but instead discovered that his own lines of argument led off in tangents that prevented such a narrowly constructed work.

The first 9 minutes are without dialogue and consist entirely of drips, creaks, groans. Stalker is a suspenseful, hypnotic experience. Many reviewers have commented on the fact that a familiarity with the film is not a prerequisite for his book but I decided to go ahead and watch the film prior to my read. Apr 16, Paul Bryant rated it it was ok Shelves: They have titles that refer to their functions.

Happy hour in a place that looks like people need it.

Their journey is a journey of self-discovery. Tarkovsky sustains a rich feeling of beauty and simple profundity, inspiring confidence in the viewer that he will not let you fall or waste your time by negating the trust built up between you. Nov 11, Peter Landau rated it it was amazing. The book is contingent and unnecessary.

Or does it matter, inasmuch as both Stalker and Zona are totally absorbing, as was Roadside Picnic. Geoff Dyer has an openness to experience that finds the truth in what I might discard as debris, until, of course, his discourse reveals that its detail is intrinsic to any understanding. With its cast of shaven-headed men who resemble Gulag inmates, its blasted topographies and its posing of fundamental questions about human happiness, Tarkovsky’s film has often been interpreted zoan an allegory of life under communism.


It also has philosophic and art and music highlights though not as numerous. He looks at the flickering light. Is he or she familiar with the movie? I could do with a piece of that action myself.

The longest of these runs for 7 pages. Such a book is “Zona”, a slim tome more on that later about the great Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Stalker”, itself a film adaption of a book undermentioned in Zona “Roadside Picnic” by Arkady and Boris Every adult understands that a book has the potential to outshine a film on the same subject matter.

Upstairs, Yusuf calls home.

That Geoff Dyer is a phenomenal writer whose work I am going to enjoy reading in the months and years to come. To watch it in your home, it would be too easy to pause it.

Zona by Geoff Dyer: review – Telegraph

At the risk of venturing into the sort of first-person aside that is very much Dyer’s mode: Dyer remains a uniquely relevant voice. Stalker our tour guide and the only one who has previously visited the Zone offers to sneak in Writer and Professor into the mysterious and unknown.

You just sit there on the sofa with your feet up, munching pistachios, watching, snickering. Before, he had one foot on the pouf, and one hitched up over the arm of the chair.

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