Buy Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain Reprints by George Monbiot (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Big business is carving up the UK. This century’s defining battle will be between democracy and corporate culture, writes George Monbiot in his. Nicholas Lezard feels his blood boil at corporate barbarism after reading George Monbiot’s Captive State: the Corporate Takeover of Britain.

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The Bank of America hadwhile the capttive three were in the hands of Bank of America nominees. And Clive Soley MP will have to do a lot more than chat amiably at me for half an hour before I ever vote Labour again.

Return to Book Page. The people of Skye had every reason to believe that a Labour government would overturn the tolls.

Dec 19, Jack rated it it was amazing. Many layers are here peeled away from the rotting vegetable called the Westminster.

The Highlands police and judicial systems nearly collapsed beneath the load. Another chapter explains why there are so many crappy, characterless shopping centres in our smaller cities and towns. The power of prison support Feature. It would, or should, make them angry. Exhausted and impoverished, the people of Skye no longer have either the energy or the resources to sustain the monbiott of the last few years.

Expanding the role of international civilian observers Feature. There is, Blair told the Confederation of British Industry, “great commitment and enthusiasm, right across the government, for forging links with the business community”.


Essential reading and just the precursor to even more essential reading. They would bring cardboard cheques so large that they wouldn’t fit through the toll-booth window. Rarely has a book ever made me feel so angry and so damn impotent. This book only takes us up to around the year or so.

But is there any new power play under the sun anyway?

What is to be done?

Georgge for the chapter called “Economic Cleansing: But the islanders later discovered that, by the time the bridge opened, the ownership had changed dramatically. The struggle between people and corporations will be the defining battle of the 21st century. What we have always sort of known.

What happened to the promise? I’d very much like to read a second volume bringing events up to the present day. He had discovered that Hamilton Park, the land on which the toll booth and the approach road were built, had been established with a stafe that only a compulsory purchase order could repeal.

Captive State – George Monbiot

We seek to oppose all forms of violence, and to create positive change based on cooperation and responsibility. The final paragraphs remind readers that it is down to us as citizens to resist the relentless takeover of our planet by the corporate elite. Neal Riemer ed’Protection Against Genocide: The company would build the structure at its own expense, then recoup the money by charging a toll. It is almost funny. In a lot of hands this atate have been a dry, turgid, regurgitation of n Rarely has a book monbjot made me feel so angry and so damn impotent.


The local Labour candidate for the general election, Donnie Munro formerly the lead singer of Runrigtold voters: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Feminist thoughts on nonviolent interventions Feature. The islanders discovered that the company empowered by the government to collect the tolls had changed its name, while the deed which appeared to allow it vaptive charge the money remained the same.

This might have been uncontroversial had the toll the private companies levied not been the highest, per metre of road, in the world.

Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain

My story begins on the Isle of Skye, which became, wtate the Conservatives, the laboratory for a novel experiment. Skye lies over the sea. They cost more money and reduce the capacity of the NHS.

Just think of all those public institutions that exist through the generosity, or quiet co-option, of Victorian benefactors. Preventing Violent Conflict in Macedonia’ Review.

Daniel Parker rated it atate liked it Jul 17, Now Angrier Than Ever! Legally, the land remained a designated recreation area, and Robbie and friends were lawfully entitled to play football there, and use the barrier as a goal:

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