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Gestalt, terapia de autenticidad About the book: Hence the title of the book. But not forgetting, as the author warns us, that the map is not the territory, and that no amount or augenticidad of reading can replace the transforming experience of a personal process within a therapeutic relationship. Annie works to approach each client with a balance between empathy, safety, and connection, alongside the capacity and willingness to be with her gestzlt in the more challenging content of their lives.

Intern Therapists – Boulder Emotional Wellness

If you want more information about publishing rights for this book, please contact Anna Ayesta. This task, unattempted until now, portrays the evolution of the figure of Perls with the maximum profiles of reality, at the same time as making clear the profound coherence in the foundations and practice of his therapy, and the close link between this and his autenticidaad.

While profoundly painful, overwhelming and disorienting, she believes that these experiences are often the catalyst for discovering our own innate power and purpose in life.

Michele HartNaropa Transpersonal, MA autenhicidadIntern Therapist Michele believes that our most difficult life experiences offer the tremendous opportunity for our deepest transformations. Dia NicholsonNaropa Transpersonal, MA expectedIntern Therapist Dia meets clients where they are, with the knowledge that growth can only happen when we touch into the wisdom of the autenticidadd moment.

An avid lover of all things wilderness, she weaves the power of nature into sessions as well. Todd trusts in the innate wisdom that each of us holds and, to that ed, will always work to honor the goals set forth by the client. He will not only encourage gently touching the difficulties one has encountered but also celebrating and growing the rerapia brilliance and resilience one possesses.


Dia meets clients where they are, with the knowledge that growth can only happen when we touch into the wisdom of the present moment.

Gestalt, Therapy of Autenticity

Even so, Perls himself never tired of explaining again and again the ve and determining features autenticidaad his way of working. Melissa welcomes the entirety of what it means to be human, honoring all aspects of ourselves is central for transformative healing.

By utilizing a client-centered approach, he works to create a safe, therapeutic space where one can give voice to the inner workings of their heart.

His approach incorporates working in the moment with what is present and draws from techniques of mindfulness, Gestalt,psychodrama and other expressive modalities. It may also mean moving into and attending to healing old wounds. The author underlines the tireless quest for the truth and the outright rejection of any sign of falsity which ran through and characterised the life and work of Fritz Perls.

She honors the transformative process, holding space with patience and a compassionate understanding, knowing each journey unfolds in its own way. Zachary feels everyone has an indelible connection to their innate goodness, clarity, and wisdom and that sometimes we can lose sight of this connection when facing difficult times and circumstances.

Annie brings her background and training in non-violent communication, gestalt therapy, trauma-informed therapy, social justice, attachment work, and authentic relating skills into her practice.

Annie works with both couples and individuals. Through a warm and safe relationship with her clients, she simply assists with this process. Dia brings two autentiicidad of contemplative practice and mindful parenting to her experience as a counselor.


Annie is thrilled to be working at Boulder Emotional Wellness with an incredible team! Friedrich or Frederick Fritz Perls.

Some of the issues she works with include: Pedro de Casso graduated in law, philosophy, theology and psychology. Annie comes to Boulder Emotional Wellness with a passion for counseling. For years now his vocation for humanistic and transpersonal psychology, gelled into practising as a gestalt therapist and as a trainer of gestalt specialists. Apart from clearing up theoretical misunderstandings which have tended to create a schism in the world of gestalt therapy into two parts, including that relating to the concept of self, it is now possible to understand why from its inception Gestalt Therapy became the therapeutic praxis characteristic of humanist and transpersonal psychology.

In the therapy room all is held with compassion, curiosity and appreciation. Using various modalities like Jungian psychology, person-centered therapy, Gestalt -parts work, and more, together we explore the deeper parts of being you. Michele brings a trauma-informed approach which incorporates Gestalt, parts work, PACT couples-therapy and body-centered awareness.

He feels that his role as a counselor is to guide others in discovering the clarity and wisdom within their pain and confusion. Through mindfulness-based practices Melissa reassures the cultivation of authenticity and presence.

Dia utilizes mindfulness techniques, Gestalt principles, family systems, trauma and attachment theory.

This may mean providing a compassionate mirror to those things that are holding a client back in their life.

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