A dazzling urban fantasy romance from a fresh new voice whose bestselling e- books have put readers “in a constant state of arousal.”(Fallen Angel Reviews). : Ghostland (A Ghostland World Novel) (): Jory Strong: Books. Buy a cheap copy of Ghostland book by Jory Strong. A dazzling urban fantasy romance from a fresh new voice whose bestselling e-books have put readers “in a.

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I really like the story. The After reading Ghostland I had to take a breath. Jory Strong adding the characters from the first book into this book made it flow so wonderfully. It’s more of a 2.

April 7, Imprint: Aisling made the only choice she could. Taken from her home and family, shamaness Aisling McConaughey must enter the “ghostlands” to save a wealthy man’s mistress. I assumed Aisling was a virgin but the first time she was with Zurael you would think otherwise. I fhostland decide which book I liked the most out of Ghost,and and Spider-Touched.

I’ Interesting plot, but it was bogged down by a lot of sex.

Ghostland by Jory Strong (2009, Paperback)

The mythology and rules of the world Ms. I don’t need characters suffering or feeling betrayed too much, but Tir was freed from his collar, remembered everything, had a While reading this book I often wondered if there was something wrong with the two main characters.

The only way to save the woman was to use the name given to her by her ferret, Zurael. I really wished Spider-Touched would have worked for me.

You’ve successfully reported this review. Read it Forward Read it first. How they managed to make intercourse seem boring is beyond me. The story itself was a surprise and I will continue reading the second. She calls upon a demon to help her save a sacrificial victim, and is caught up in not only the mundane stroong for power and influence in the city, but the struggle for the djinn actually the demon she called up to stay free of humanity’s power to bind and summon them.


Apr 07, Pages. I think I may be crazy. His ghostlanr for humans is arrested when one touches him in a dream, and then frees him. Mar 10, Annabelle Morehouse rated it really liked it. Inspired by Your Browsing History. There was a lot if mystery joory intrigue and I liked the concept of the ghostlands – very unusual. The erotic element in this book, unlike its parent Ghostlandstruck me often string laughable and often a hang-up, Tab A goes here, Tab B goes there, when there are dragon lizards, werelions, and demons.

Feb 01, Mariachiara rated it liked it. Sep 06, Kate ghoostland it really liked it. And the few faces we came to love in the previous book are treated meagerly.

This is truly an alternate universe and for that reason it takes the reader a bit of time to give up the usual points of reference in our contemporary world and become immersed in this one.

The darkness is almost palpable. Going to the ghostlands is not an easy task and always exacts ghostlannd price. Jul 03, Stepha L rated it it was ok.

What an absolutely terrible book, awfully written, no actual storyline just lots of really pornographic sex fhostland the two protagonists into basically mindless sex addicts. Buy the eBook Price: She’s a shamaness and although she knows she’s just being used, there’s really nothing she can do to prevent it.

I am curious and eager to find out what happens to the rest of the people in this stark world where a good life has a chance at re-birth. I did like the story and it was interesting how Arana was marked with a spider because the story definitely wove joty like a spider web.


Ghostland World Series by Jory Strong

Aisling is a shamaness and can travel to the spirit world ‘ghostlands’ and talk to the dead, however when she is asked to do this to prevent the murder stfong a young woman Aisling calls upon Zurael not knowing the consequences of asking for his help.

The plot is ok. And when Elena comes to Aisling asking her to investigate her kidnapping, Aisling again has no choice; she must accept. Imagine a world where San Francisco is claimed by vampire families while across the bay, Oakland is ruled by powerful non-gifted humans. However, the two main characters did not draw me in as strongly as Aisling and Zurael from Ghostland. Zurael intends to kill Aisling after she’s served as bait to find an enemy in possession of an ancient tablet.

Jun 23, Jishi rated it it was ghostlanv Shelves: Those things are even more on display in this novel, with the added bonus of a heroine who makes stupid decisions just to advance the plot one of my all-time unfavorite devices.

May 13, Rane rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn’t really ghostlaand about the story but this is what I know: And not just touch him

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