Look at gilksy1’s ylod fix on you tube. With a $25 heat gun and a tube of new thermal compound you can fix your ps3 in about an hour. Worked. ok i have done gilksy’s YLOD fix but it failed, if i can get a spare/workin YLOD REPAIR VIDEOS YLOD. This is Aidan’s YLOD repair guide~! *guitar solo* He’d made a PDF, and can be found on youtube right here: YouTube – gilksy1’s Channel.

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Looks like the XMB direct transfer from one console to another is the best sure fire way to gilksyy1 everything transferred. Just strip it down and give it some heat gun treatment.

Gilksy’s Playstation 3 (PS3) Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix and Repair Guide

If it’s still in warranty send it to Sony and tell them it’s in there if not you’ll have to take it apart. As for the trapped disc, there are two methods I’ve found but non of which work for the launch model PS3. The problem is that when heating, these chips are pushed very close to their maximum heat rating so it’s very risky.

Originally Posted by colinjester. Posted March 29, Its out of it warranty i got it the first day ps3 was launched When the PS3 hardware heats up the solder expands ever so slightly as any metal does and when it cools down it contracts. I also found posts of others literally swapping their dead PS3 HDD’s into newly purchased PS3’s and the console asked to perform a reformat.

I initially tried take a non-intrusive approach, contacting the console vendor to see if they would take a return and also Sony to see what they could offer. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2.

Just have to remeber where i put my screw driver if not wack out the butcher knife shoemen22 Make sure you keep the different type of screws gilsy1 and remember where each one went. Just get someone to do it the ps3 is a 60gb phat that i will use to play homebrew and ps2 games also used for hacking and for my slim gb legit online all the way: This repetitious expansion and contraction is handled fine with leaded solder but the lead free solder will diminish and cracks will form after time.


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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Look at gilksy1’s ylod fix on you tube. Doesn’t work for 60 gb PS3’s. Looks like there is plenty of demand for the fix.

Got the disc drive out and gi,ksy1 the screws out but then the screwdriver head has been mangled with the force used to get the others out so now i have to buy another one. After opening ‘Disk Management’ I could see the drive but it was not accessible.


I like my local game store, I’ve bought so many decent releases and have been given some great advice from them. Sony is once again responsible on account of failing to meet certain quality parameters w.

AgentZero Follow Forum Posts: The common quote is “YLOD is an over heating issue that causes a hardware malfunction. It looks like buying one of these might be a wise purchase too. Firstly, you need to take the top jlod of it by removing the screw under the warranty sticker. My Orignal PS3 60gb model has given up on me with my copy of morden warfare 2 still inside.

Do all Ylod’s arise outta the same issue? Read about them now! All times are GMT Lead gilkssy1 solder melts at a slightly higher temperature so around oF is where you’ll start see melting regular solder is at about oC.


I’ve seen others use an oven set at a particular temperature and place the main motherboard in there for a duration of time.

Yellow Light of death and stuck disk HELP!!! – PlayStation Nation – GameSpot

After researching methods to backup the HDD, it turns out that only the source console can access the data. Tomrock Why are you trolling? So looking into repairs. I’m getting a mate to do it for me since he’s had to do it before. Yes, my password yylod Can someone plz rehost the YLOD file plz!!

These two options don’t really work.

Possible YLoD Fix! – Techzone –

I don’t see it as a good option. Pair that with the fact you can buy a brand spanking new console for a little more Quick tip for ppl who haven’t referred the tutorial yet Yeah I think I’ll yloc blowing my new xbox and ps3 out. I don’t want to deal gillsy1 more dead consoles. I heard that if you hold the eject button down as you turn the main power switch on in the back the disc will eject on a ylod ps3.

Hold down the eject button for more than 3 secs. Up north in Sunderland. Feb 7, Posts: This topic is locked from further discussion. Call Sony Customer Support and ask them about it, they may refer you to a place you could get your disc removed for free, either that or atleast give you some tips on how to remove the disc yourself without damaging it.

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