REBEL GROT MOB + BUGGY ROSTERS . Gorkamorka knows ‘ow, but da Diggas live under da Pyramids. .. blank roster sheets in the Gorkamorka box. A GorkaMorka roster sheet for gangers and vehicles in an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your total gang cost. A good roster sheet but doesn’t fit on A4 paper if printed. Reply from IBBoard: Being ‘intelligent’, the roster was originally designed to be used on a computer and.

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Can you run over models in close combat? Squigz purchased at mob creation are available immediately without the one battle waiting period but any purchased subsequently must undergo the training period.

Driver and Gunner Disputes Feral Orks may be dimmer than most but they still know an important job when they see it and firing the Spika Cannon or telling the Squiggoth where to go is a shert position, sometimes carrying with it extra yummies if they do well. Squig Riders A few Boyz manage to develop a foster relationship with some Squigs they meet out in the wilds, in that they manage to get the squig not to eat them on sight.

Should no one be available to maintain order then take the test anyway, but without a leadership characteristic. Snortas are not driven off by enemy fire like Muties are. Bolas 1 toof Given the number of legs a squig can rosfer, several bolas might be needed to bring a big one down.

HWT » Downloads » Download Details » “Intelligent” GorkaMorka Roster v (Powered by Grots)

This power has a maximum range of 10″. Whiskey Delta 4 get the first turn and send one of their shert, Howe, to grab some scrap lurking in some difficult terrain.

They understand gorkkamorka few concepts such as “Hit that” and yummies and a few of the brighter ones even dream of there being more yummies to come and bigger things to hit. The details of when this can happen are listed below. If you feel like playing these guys then you may wish to pickup some heads from MaxMini:.


The driver is hit by the weapon as normal. Goffs were dead hard fighters, with a lot of nobs.

Powers Weirdboyz begin their time in a Mob with the following powers and can gain more when they gain experience. Or walking and talking at the same time. So, please, try out the rules and tell us which bits are broken or unbalanced! Lastly, their basic vehicles have quite light armour and are therefore vulnerable to even normal shooting weapons, although not enough shots were fired for us to see whether the armour values that have been assigned are low enough.

Scrap counters used in this way provide no additional income for the mob. Your leader only becomes a fully fledged Gorkmorka once he has won a battle. Several Sheeet have organised a Gretchin extermination hunt.

Huge thanks go out to Skippy, Mattzm, Depiff, and Flamekebab for making these rules possible. Until he becomes a Nob your leader cannot attempt to buy custom jobs as the Meks refuse to deal with someone of such low status.

Since these rules are based on the rules for Boar Riderzalso known as Snortaz, the two terms are used almost entirely interchangeably in this expansion. Fixed Weapon — Armour Value: The maximum characteristics for any Feral Ork warrior are listed below.

Animosity affects models onboard a vehicle differently. If the warrior is part of a reinforcement group he will arrive with the rest of his group if he passes his fear test in time.

Updating Mob Roster…

If the rider goes Out of Action, the Boar runs away- remove the model as usual. Being able to bring things like lascannons to the table could well change the game dynamics substantially. Squig Riders A few Boyz manage to develop a special relationship with some Squigs they meet out in the wilds, in that they manage to get the squig not to eat them on sight.


Several hours later gorkxmorka a louder tirade of obscenities than usual, the following PDF emerged.

Venturing into the desert is not for the faint-hearted, and we make no guarantees about the safety of your Boyz when encountering these horrific beasties! Whenever you make new rules, potential balance issues arise. In Mektown, these Orks would be close to being Nobs. Riderz do not dismount in battle. Previously fire and burnination was limited to scorchers and the odd splattapult payload but we here at tUGS felt that something as delightfully destructive as fire should appear more often.

A Wildboy mounted on a squig adopts a new statline that combines both his and the squigs stats in a manner similar to a Mutie Raider. While the end result is far from what any animal trainer would call tame, the beast will at least tolerate being ridden long enough to occasionally be an asset in combat. In actuality they have arches allowing a vehicle to drive right through them, also handy as a deployment location for a scenario. Fickies are under the Fickies psychology rules at all times.

GorkaMorka Roster Sheets

Snortas cannot climb fort walls, and therefore will need to destroy the gate of the fort to get in. During buzinezz times, Abak is accompanied by his two boyz who will shake down other Orks who default on their payments and his custom Snazzgun is never far from his reach.

Again, I was surprised Gorkamorka did not use a similar system, only based on the ork Klans. You do not get to choose which ability you get like other skills on a duplicate result, the Waaagh!

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