Gunnar Heinsohn (DE) is a sociologist and economist, who re-thinks the history and theory of civilization. Gunnar Heinsohn: Siegfried found – decoding the Nibelungen period; Slavic chronological enigmas solved – Poland’s Krakow in the 1st Millennium AD; Arthur of. Gunnar Heinsohn (born in Gdynia/Poland, emeritus professor at Universität Bremen (University of Bremen/Germany) has studied sociology, history.

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Go to the 5th Installment. Had we done that 15 years ago, we would have seen bunnar generation of young Palestinian men with few reasons to commit violence against each other or against the Jews. As I have said — mothers are paid to put children into the world and so are their daughters, whereas the men take to crime.

I subscribe to his basic assumptions that catastrophes happened and chronologies are wrong.

The Bolshevik movement in the period around the Revolution can be described in the same way. But immigration from China has not even been considered in Europe. Of course France has 2 children per woman, but out of five newborns, two are already Arabic or African.

And in the European centre they are still overjoyed to have attracted millions more than the USA. Then, after the land of the Burgundians, we had on our left the lands that have been called from the earliest times Blekingey, and Meore, and Eowland, and Gotland all which territory is subject to the Sweons; and WEONODland was all the way on our right, as far as Weissel [Vistula; GH] mouth.

In contrast, Heinsohn interpreted stratigraphic evidence to suggest that Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations arose around 1, BCE, not 3, BCE, as the textbooks say.

Retrieved 28 June Are you an author? In reality we have 7 million.

We cannot allow them to send their young men over the borders to kill others. Actually, we are looking at just one cataclysm that occurred, according to stratigraphy, simultaneously everywhere around the s CE.


Gunnar Heinsohn

Angsten for fake news. It is not full reproduction but a significant change nonetheless. Gunnar Heinsohn Gunnar Heinsohn DE is a sociologist and economist, who re-thinks the history and theory of civilization. The author feels himself committed, in his approach to sacrifice, to a decidedly conservative attitude. Nobody else should expect help. It caused several top officials in the Clinton administration to walk out in protest stating the law was a racist attack on the weakest — single mothers and their children.

On the other hand a citizen of Australia can keep 80 out of every dollars he earns. We can only avert this burden on the welfare state through legislation.

Stalin’s Gulag, however, does not fall into this category. For Danish and German women the welfare benefits are too low to be attractive. Instead of money a medium of exchange to facilitate barter, Heinssohn replaced it with a property heinshon credit theory of money that stresses the indispensable role of secure property titles, contract law and especially contract enforcementliability and collateral to geinsohn secure, transferable debt titles that central banks will accept as collateral for issuing bank notes.

Heinsohn article: revolutionary view of the debt crisis

Translated from the German Read the e-book. Eendrachtsstraat 10 Rotterdam, NL. Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails everywhere else. Not so for the immigrants. Heinsohn is not heijsohn with the absolute size of populations, but rather with the share of teenagers and young men. That was the reality Clinton had to face. Metropolis, co-author: And believe it or not: We have done it in Europe, and it has happened elsewhere.

In recent years the West has been facing a gigantic youth bulge in large parts of the Muslim world.

Creation of the First Millennium

This means that if you take males from a country, then 30 of them will be between 15 and High to Low Avg. But I am not sure the rest of the continent will make it. Of course, the money was never intended to benefit Tunisian women in particular, but French women will not touch this money, whereas the Tunisian women are only too happy to. Go to the article. Heinsohn has presented many well-researched papers exposing stratigraphical problems, and suggesting much lower chronologies for Near Eastern civilisations.


The retrospectively breathtaking audacity with which scholars, since the assertion of evolutionism, have stopped evaluating the subject matter of religious sacrifice, and have instead subjected them to their own bureaucratic principles, in order to then evacuate all the findings which did not match their expectations, this audacity the author could never make his own.

The welfare group grows each year because of new babies, but the vacant job slots are not filled. Gunnar Heinsohns Biography To be found here. The purposes of religious theory. Gunnar Heinsohn does not give much of a chance to such a strategy. Heinsohns argues that an excess in young adult male population predictably leads to social unrest, war and terrorism.

Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop. Not based on race or ethnicity but based on qualifications. I changed it to 30 per cent between 15 and He accused 19th century archaeologists of constructing their chronology around Bible synchronisms and of, more or less, following the chronology recorded by Eusebius in the fourth century, who made use of the histories of Egypt and Mesopotamia as well as the Old Testament.

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