Flexible and can be adapted to meet customer-specific requirements l. Special food & pharmaceutical models. H Variable-area flowmeter. With H M40 we drive forward proven variable area technology to set the benchmark in the At KROHNE, the modular device design of the H M KROHNE H -. -. –. SN 5/ F C V -. L/h. Wasser. D kg/l. V mPa.s. °C. EL |. RP.

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Additional electronic modules can be added or replaced at any time without interrupting the process. The float changes position so that the lifting force acting on it F1 is in equilibrium with the form drag F2 and its weight F3: A measuring range of Open the catalog to page 3.

H M Globally approved flowmeter for hazardous areas | KROHNE Group

Contact Quality Digest for reprint information. The VA meter combines mechanical flow measurement of liquids or gases with state-of-the-art communication capabilities. They are the ultimate solution in force measurement versatility. The H combined ktohne the M40 Indicator is ideal for measuring corrosion, scale, or hydrate-inhibitors, demulsifiers, methanol, MEG, fuel gas, and nitrogen.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. If you require data that is more relevant to your specific application, please contact us or your local sales office. Open the catalog to page 8. The change could inspire new technologies and reduce the cost of calibrating industrial krohhne and scientific instruments. FDA-compliant materials meet strict hygienic and legal regulations.


KROHNE is a worldwide technological leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution ktohne accurate, reliable, and cost-effective measuring instruments for the process industries. Open the catalog to page The flow goes from bottom to top. HU M40 Variable area flowmeter for installation in fall pipes Unique design for vertical upside down installation position Accuracy: Additional electronic modules can be added or replaced at any time without process interruption.

KROHNE Group – Complete News

Minimum h2250 temperatures Tamb. The missing reset force of the variable area float weight is replaced by a spring. Open the catalog to page 3. Together with the worldwide approvals, the flowmeter is therefore the first choice for large international companies that have a stringent explosion protection strategy for all plants but also need the respective local approvals. A special version for use in hygienic applications is also available. Ferrous Materials Webinar Dec. Kgohne the catalog to page 9.

Cost-effective and reliable variable area flowmeters are the first choice for the applications where a local indication is required to guarantee the redundancy of a measurement Versions for special installation positions Variable area flowmeters typically feature a vertically positioned measuring cone through which the medium flows from bottom to top, lifting a float against the weight.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Typical applications Chemical and other process industries Additives e. As an option, the same components, featuring a safety housing, can be installed as explosion proof devices.


Variable Area Flowmeters – H250 Food | Pharmaceutical

KROHNE stands for innovation and maximum product quality and is one of the market krohhne in industrial process measuring technology. Version with extended measuring range And the robust metal version — available in a variety of materials — provides a high degree of resistance to pressure, Open the catalog to page 5.


Open the catalog kfohne page All wetted, pressurised parts are made as standard of 1. Product highlights Simple, low-cost installation: Hydrazine Sulphuric acid Phosphate, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulphur Purified water, saline water etc.

Change language en de nl. Parts can be checked for defects without being transferred to a measurement lab. Each device is individually calibrated for the respective application.

Certain variants of the flowmeter with limit switch or analogue output are suitable for use in Safety Instrumented Systems SIS. The H M40 is intrinsically safe and explosion-proof.

Limit switches, 2-wire 4…20mA, totalizer with LCD and pulse output, fieldbus interfaces Universal ex-concept: The M40 Indicator allows for simple, low-cost installation, and is capable of measuring and displaying without an auxiliary power supply.

Replace mechanical indicating applications in smallest AGD size specification class. The same goes for OEMs that can fulfill requirements of different customers with just one device. One device can thus accommodate the krohbe regional explosion protection krohn.

Download Center Technical datasheets and handbooks Flyers and brochures Certificates and approvals Software and driver View H related downloads.

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