Close-up Card Magic has 34 ratings and 1 review: Published by Louis Tannen, pages, Hardcover. Close-Up Card Magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Close-up card magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of playing card magic routines by Harry Lorayne.

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There’s no economy of motion. Tell my fortune – I’m not familiar with the centre tear so can’t comment. I like the effects Euan named as well as several others. Just Closs-up Cards – Spirit Writes. David, take a chance As before, this uses the illogical cutting sequence which can easily be removed to strengthen the effect which I described above. At least by now we know that there aren’t going to be effect descriptions at the beginnings of Harry’s tricks, now are there?

Manisha Das rated it really liked it Jan 25, It’s on a similar vein as the Erdnase “to the dealer” cut from Expert at the Card Table.

Feb 10, Gul Rah rated it did not like it. It has a surprising denouement sic. And I keep it moving.

Close-up Card Magic (Harry Lorayne)

To me it comes off as patronising. However, I don’t like the initial display of the aces as it’s suspicious to take the aces out, display them, put them back on top them deal them out again. Fourtitude – Another pick a card and I find it trick, this time two cards are selected. The effect is “automatic poker” by Vernon and Judah.

Yes, it isn’t the best written book, and yes, the effects aren’t mindblowing but there are at least 10 items I would use in here.

Close-up Card Magic

If I had the uarry to buy this book again, I would pass it up. Sadly, Lorayne sloppily credits near the end with reference to the Braue addition saying, “I believe, is called the ‘Add-On.


This is a great trick by Bill Simon. Nov 26, Three again – This is the same as the last effect, except this time you give the deck two riffle shuffles before going through the motions of finding the card.

The crossing over of the hands is unnatural but the staggering of the effect is good as it has good suspense. He tells you the card he was thinking of, now you mess about with the deck showing the card isn’t there no credit to Martin Gardner for his vanish and then after a lot of stalling you turn over the card.

In an act of outrageousness in the afterthoughts you are told to not hold a break below the top two cards after openly placing it second from the top as its ” too obvious.

This is a different effect. I tried learning the faro from the book and got a start.

The way the routine is structured makes it confusing to an audience and I must say I really despise the old, “Oh look, a three. This book is 40 years old and to some it may not seem a big deal. Four in hand – What’s the point in getting the aces to the top only immediately cut them back to the bottom again?? For example, I have read that Expert Card Technique not only failed to credit some creators, but it also published their effects without their permission!

Although my edition of the book has a copyright date, the first edition was published in Mental amazement – This could be good, but it suffers from some sloppy thinking. Perhaps he should have creditied more people, but that adds pages and I would rather have more magic and less bibliography and footnotes.

Shone rated it it was amazing Dec 22, In this effect you shuffle four kings into four packets of cards, then shuffle the whole deck and then show that the kings are still together in the centre. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The JB Kard Kop. Ose’s Cut – An easy ,orayne deceptive triple table cut by Jay Ose. Three Times and Out. Close-ul the book I couldn’t help but feel as if I was being talked down to “do a false shuffle if you can “.


Who knows, maybe lodayne will point out something that you missed in reviewing an effect and you will change your opinion. Cadd also nothing new or original even for its time.

This is a clever four ace assembly effect using crimps to ensure a casual handling. So the description works for some people. The Sloppy Card Trick – This is a pick a card and I find it trick where the plot seems to be dealing the entire deck into several piles, gathering them up and then dealing down to a named number.

For twenty years, Lorayne wrote and published the monthly magazine Apocalypse. The Apex Ace – 88 pages into the book and we find the first off beat effect. General Procedures Ronald A. Fair enough, but tell me, what the heck is the point of finding four Aces?

Simply control the two mates to the bottom and do the force, apparantly lay the face down selection with the inserted face up card aside, do the maggic again and there you go. The inseparable four – I get the feeling Harry Lorayne thinks the act of shuffling a deck is in and of itself entertainment enough for most spectators.

Volume One, Bob Dylan writes that he read Lorayne’s book shortly before breaking through as a music star after finding it in the book collection of a friend. If you have no intention to give credit to your sources of inspiration or the ideas that you are using then you shouldn’t be writing a book in the first place! Magicmike Special user Posts.

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