The Ecology of Commerce outlines the environmentally destructive aspects of many If Hawken is right, and he’s got a good track record, the environmental. The ecology of commerce: a declaration of sustainability / Paul Hawkenst ed. p. cm. . human systems to create a sustainable method of commerce. As hard. Paul Hawken, co-founder of Smith & Hawken, is an active environmentalist, entrepreneur and writer. In The Ecology of Commerce, Hawken proposes that.

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Throwing away trash, indeed the entire concept of It’s a sad comment on our society that twenty years later Hawkin’s dreams have not come to fruition and this book is not hopelessly outdated.

The Ecology of Commerce :: A Book Review by Scott London

Hunter Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute. The true cost of products that includes the resulting damage done to people and the environment hawkeen be reflected in the price consumers pay and the taxes the businesses pay. They simply have no other choice as we are exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet — the maximum level of life an ecosystem can sustain.

This, from the vantage point Hawken provides a more than compelling argument against the destructive “business as usual” culture that we participate in, and calls for an overhaul of value and means of measuring “efficiency” in the economy. This kind of efficiency capture and waste reduction is so satisfying to me and I love reading about it. I read the revised edition. The book turned a corner for me when I reached chapter 5.

It is suggested that companies be responsible for the durable goods that they produce throughout the lifetime of the product. hawjen


I think your solutions for a restoractive economy are nothing haaken of brilliant. Text adapted from HarperCollins Publisher. We could talk about the many smaller details that have arisen in terms of the rise of Veganism, eco-friendly companies and environmental awareness I have purchased multiple copies of this book in the past and given it as a gift.

It is precisely because of this that he argues they have a duty to recognise and account for what they have and continue to do; it is foolish to deny that they are the world’s most powerful institutions, but their impunity must now end.

I like to think of myself as environmentally aware of industrial pollution, but you have opened my eyes to the real problem of economic degradation of our hzwken.

An outstanding book that is still very relevant today. Because the restorative economy, as Hawken envisions it, inverts ingrained beliefs about how business functions, it may produce unusual changes in the economy.

He describes ways to use all industrial byproducts as fresh materials for other industries and explains why in any case where this isn’t possible we must find an alternative. So how about that, people need jobs and there’s a chance for environmentally-sound ones that also will be economically sound.

I read this long, long ago, when I was still a green youth in high school. I don’t know whether it was Hawken that coined the term or not, but all of his anecdotes and facts make the case for an imperative in practicing “restorative economics. To act we need a way to serve.

I’ll leave you with a segment of the book that stood out to me: The second book, Beyond Civilisationby an author named Daniel Quinnwas a shorter read and suggested humanity simple move away from its current endeavours naturally.

Even if it is environmental mutilation. Then again, with so much at stake, doing nothing is the worst option. Certainly this would affect the current design-trends in consumer electronics. Hawken’s proposed solutions, along the lines of replacing negative economic incentives taxes on income, profit, savings with Pigouvian taxes and other sustaina The beauty of this book is that I’m reading it towards the close of — two decades after its original publishing — and it’s still relevant.


That being said, this book is more important than ever before, and makes some very good points.

The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability

To live in that future, we require a design. Apr 09, Yaru Lin rated it it was amazing. We confuse our rate and ability to consume with the capacity of living systems to provide for those wants.

Dec 28, DavidJsays wcology it liked it. Books by Paul Hawken. In order to accomplish this, he proposes a ‘restorative economy’, in which the more damaging products are priced as they should be – to encompass i.

Too often I read environmentalist literature which simply catalogs the various problems which plague modern society and offers no alternate suggestion. Let’s create new ones that work. It falls under the Kunstler “Long Emergency” model where the hawlen has only one point to make, but since being concise in making that point wouldn’t result in a full length book, the author has to keep hammering the same point over and over again until it’s at least pages and can therefore hawkken him some money.

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