Portuguese, Hematoma intracraniano epidural, Hematoma epidural, Hematoma epidural intracraniano, Hemorragia epidural, Hematoma extradural, Hematoma. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘hemorragia extradural’. Trauma to be brain can be associated with both epidural and subdural hematomas, among other injuries. Epidural bleeding occurs between.

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Epidural hematoma

Log in Sign up. Carotid artery stenosis cerebral: EDH lifting transverse sinus.

EDHs are hyperdense, somewhat heterogeneous, and sharply demarcated. SDHs are more common and there are a few distinguishing features which are usually reliable.

Case 16 Case To quiz yourself on this article, log in to see multiple choice questions. The grey area in the top left is organizing hematoma, causing midline shift and compression of the ventricle. Extradual Neurosurgeryemergency medicine Symptoms Headache, confusion, paralysis [1] Usual onset Rapid [2] Causes Head injurybleeding disorderblood vessel malformation [1] Diagnostic method Medical imaging CT scan [1] Differential diagnosis Extradurao hematomasubarachnoid hemorrhagetraumatic brain injury [1] Treatment Surgery craniotomyburr hole [1] Epidural hematoma is when bleeding occurs between the tough outer membrane covering the brain dura materand the skull.

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Crescent-shaped, concave hyperdensity that does not cross the midline. Pathognomonic Presentation Loss of consciousness Period of lucency interspersed between 2 distinct periods of LOC Variably present and variable timing Absent in extradutal cases, in which patient remains comatose without period of lucidity Loss of consciousness.

Epidural Hematoma Etiology Hrmorragia fracture from blunt trauma causes laceration of arterial vesselsmost commonly the middle meningeal artery. Transtentorial bleed findings Imaging: Ferri’s Clinical Advisor E-Book: The elderly and alcoholics with brain atrophy are particularly susceptible since the bridging veins are stretched out and the brain has more space for movement.

Epidural hematoma as seen on CT scan with overlying skull fracture. Case 7 Case 7. Epidural bleeding occurs between the skull and dura; whereas subdural bleeding occurs between the dura and arachnoid. Epidural hematoma is when bleeding occurs between the tough outer membrane covering the brain dura materand the skull. Rarely angiography can demonstrate middle meningeal artery laceration and contrast extravasation from the middle meningeal artery into paired middle meningeal veins known as “tram track sign”.


The typical presentation is of a young patient involved in a head strike either during sport or a result of a motor vehicle accident who may or may not lose consciousness transiently.

Edit article Share article View revision history. The most common cause of intracranial epidural hematoma is traumaticalthough spontaneous hemorrhage is known to occur. Also some brain contusion with bleeding on the opposite side of the brain.

Started inthis collection now contains interlinked topic pages divided into a extrqdural of 31 specialty books and extraudral. In contrast to subdural hematomas, a tremendous force is usually required. The morphology of extradural hematomas is best understood by reviewing their relationship to the bone and dura.

Hemorragia Extradural by guido pulido on Prezi

Articles Cases Courses Quiz. The most feared event that takes place is tonsillar herniation which could result in respiratory arrest since the medullary structures are compromised. Management Acute subdural hematoma is a neurosurgical emergency! You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys.

EDH crossing the suture line. EDHs are typically biconvex in shape and can cause a mass effect with herniation. Case 3 Case 3. Postcontrast extravasation may be seen rarely in case of acute EDH and peripheral enhancement due to granulation and neovascularisation can be seen in chronic EDH. Nonmusculoskeletal injuries of head head injury and neck S00—S19— The patients level of consciousness gradually decreases with increasing mass effect and confusion is often encountered in the elderly.

With large hematomas, there is rarely significant confusion as to the correct diagnosis. Intravenous contrast may demonstrate displaced or occluded venous sinus in case of the venous origin of EDH. There may be focal signs but clinical signs are most often non-localizing and include headache and altered mental status. They are usually associated with a history of head trauma and frequently associated skull fracture. After the epidural hematoma begins collecting, it starts to compress intracranial structures which may impinge on the CN III.


Extradural haematoma vs subdural haematoma | Radiology Reference Article |

On images produced by CT scans and MRIsepidural hematomas usually appear convex in shape because their expansion stops at the skull’s sutureswhere the dura mater is tightly attached to the skull. Presentation There may be focal signs but clinical signs are most often non-localizing and include headache and altered mental status.

Case 14 Case In adults SDHs hemorragoa due to falls and there may not be a clear history of trauma.

Definition NCI Intracranial hemorrhage into the epidural space. Case 13 Case The source of bleeding is usually arterial, most commonly from a torn middle meningeal artery. Occasionally, an EDH can form due to venous blood, typically a torn sinus with an associated fracture: Although Lamba walked off the field and the injury did not appear to be serious at the time, he slipped into a coma on the day of the injury and then succumbed to internal hemorrhage three days later.

Edit article Share article View revision history. Injury or Poisoning T On February 20,year-old Indian cricketer Raman Lamba was hit on the head extradurql a cricket ball while fielding without a helmet.

Cerebral aneurysm Intracranial berry aneurysm Charcot—Bouchard aneurysm.

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