In early Henriette Lannes and her husband M. Tracol entered into Mme de Salzmann’s circle at Sevres, France. The meeting with de Salzmann produced a . by Henriette Lannes, Susan Murphy, John Roger Barrie, Llan Amit, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Martin Buber, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Trebbe Johnson, David Sander and others. Inside a Question [Henriette Lannes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Nearly another year Mme Lannes struggled on in France — hard days for her, her family, and her pupils.

We are not sufficiently awakened to attention. I call to my spine, to the whole of my body to help me. Tracol remarried was first and foremost a spiritual benefactor, and iconic history could do worse than seat her before her English groups: Refresh and try again.

Her name was Henriette Lannes. Then, gradually, in the late s, her health began to betray her; the English climate grew insupportable and her winter breaks in France became more extended. Nearer to home the ageing Society President Kenneth Walker unexpectedly hinted on at his ancillary indebtedness to the Maharishi Lannee Yogi; then the Society Vice-President Magnus Wechsler converted labnes Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche; and only at the cost of historical revisionism can the arguably distracting influence of Krishnamurti be decoupled from Mme de Salzmann’s known and regular attendance at his talks in Saanen, Switzerland.

The attention of the Work can only be given to people who so need it that all the rest becomes secondary in their eyes. The large and still important group which she accordingly built in Lyon later served by Henri Thomasson held her interest and commitment to her life’s end. Krystel Mittnacht marked it as to-read Aug 26, Of Mme Lannes’ unfolding relationship with Mme de Salzmann it is difficult to speak with propriety and impossible to speak with objectivity; the lower cannot judge the higher.

About Henriette H. Lannes | Writer | France | UpClosed

Luke Storms marked it as to-read Mar 31, In the charged atmosphere of Mme Lannes’ meetings words lost their complacency and the slightest half-truth hung in the air, scandalously opaque. Only such an attention through the quality of its movement of energy, can hold together the three essential parts of our being: This Fundamental Quest This question of attention is very serious, but our experience remains limited.

Madame’s implacable love for all her pupils translated itself into demands which could be felt as fierce, even exhorbitant; in a handful of her disciples that remarkable individual the late Malcolm Gibson springs instantly to mind she evidently cultivated a special resonance. Some sense of the challenge thereby accepted by Madame Lannes, and indeed of her stature, will be plain to informed readers from her powerful but inherently unstable Group 1, which initially comprised George Adie, J.


Being, without attention, is nothing.

hengiette These excerpts are from two books: If I were fully alive, everything would be fully alive around me, as it really is. A childhood that imbued Henriette with a lifelong love of nature — trees, flowers and “my friends the animals” — ended prematurely when her father died.

Madame Lannes had visions of a Gurdjieff Work with a wholesome social face, which slowly, over decades or even centuries, would act as a spiritualising leaven in diurnal life; she laannes foresaw the institution of special schools and hospitals. Virtually no relevant books had been published in French. In early springhaving finally established the roll-call of those provisionally henrette to work together under her guidance evidently drawing a demurral from Nicollshe convened a meeting at 46 Colet Gardens, West Kensington and presented Madame Lannes as her designated ‘responsible’ and plenipotentiary yenriette England.

What little time Mme Lannes reserved for herself might see her at Picketts Cottage, her thatched country retreat near Woodcote, working in her beloved flower garden or seated in summer by her traditional Gipsy caravan, reading, dealing with correspondence, and smoking an occasional Camel cigarette.

This attention is like a little flame that tries to hold its own in the wind. Vijay Kumar added henroette Apr 30, Not only did Henriette engage intensively in this unique Work chapter sketched by Pierre Schaeffer, Rene Zuber, and Henri Tracol himself but put herself at risk in supporting Jewish group members.

Try to open yourself to a quality of attention that can penetrate you. It has no stability, no continuity. GurdjieffFar West Institute, p p. Try to work regularly and methodically, and to relax all the parts of your body.

Possessing a cornucopia of literary, mythic, and folkloric allusion, she often henrirtte Gurdjieffian orthodoxies within a perennial tradition: Want to Read saving…. Fall Issue, Vol. That the Work in England is today so strongly rooted is preponderantly owed to a woman scarcely known. As for me, only the grace of Henriette Lannes’ mysterious promise disarms the desolate certitude that I shall not look upon her like again… One year after her passing, on 27 MayMadame de Salzmann held a special Studio group for certain people.


This requires a certain inner struggle to keep open a window that is only half-open and can suddenly shut again. Mike rated it really liked it Sep heniette, Something that we do in life without an inside aim will never sustain our Work and the two aims must meet and th ey must help one another. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Even then, all was not Roses, Roses.

Henriette Lannes

Natalia Guerrero rated it did not like it Jan 29, Immediately all her native resourcefulness was mobilised in aid of her mother’s struggle for material survival; her formal education stopped, leaving her intellectual curiosity, if anything, heightened. A man needs moments of retirement for the sake of henriete attention, parts of himself with other parts, attention to some reality of life in him; then he needs to go towards life willingly in order that it brings him the impressions of himself that he needs, even though alnnes are difficult to swallow.

That these two remarkable human beings remained undivided essentially and in commitment to Gurdjieff — who can doubt? I am like a sleeper who opens a quarter of an eye then goes to sleep again. She used humour; she could mimic. Who then was Henriette Lannes? In this world where we lead our lives, we need a much more stable attention.

Nothing in us is able to hold attention in the way it is needed, to really centre our attention, to keep it for ourselves, for a real pulling together of all the powers which have been given to us to be. An untoward and major difficulty in implementing long-meditated plans to support her added an increment of painful drama, yet she did not lack willing aid from Lyon and London… Henriette Lannes died from liver cancer at 40 Avenue Valioud, St Foy, at around 10 p.

To ‘sum up’ such a life would be an impertinence. On 27 June she sent to each member of Oak, Poplar, Fir, Sycamore, Willow, and Pine significantly all her groups were named after trees the following message: In us a conscious attention is missing.

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