Free Essay: Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case – Main Managerial Problem On the surface, the seven-member MGI team which comprised of Henry Tam and. Sep 7, Henry tam at mgi team. 1. 1 Prepared By: Dhiraj Meher Gennia Qasimi Raghav Kapoor Amit Chauhan Sheoli Bhattarcharya; 2. Evaluation. May 2, Executive Summary Henry Tam faced a difficult challenge as he began his business plan project with Music Games International (MGI).

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A leader is an individual who takes effort and mi and participates with everyone and to whom personal goals are subservient to the accomplishment of the team goal.

We saw complete blunder in the norming stage because the team had not sat down to discuss the norms and values to follow in order to achieve their goal.

Egalitarianism is a moral principle. There was no clear leader; whoever had the most energy at the time provided leadership pg. Alex also stated that Sasha has very strong ideas about things and is not open to others. A group leader should guide the group to satisfy these criterions. Question 2 What are the strengths of the MGI team? The MGI team may become more concerned with efficiency, making ill-informed decisions.

Yhe and infighting may occur, and the group typically experiences many changes.

Henry Tam & The MGI Team

From the people perspective, there seemed to be a main group and subgroups. The root causes identified for the team’s process problems were firstly, they did not divide the task into sub tasks. Creating the environment of understanding and bringing each other into harmony will make the team members more energetic and comfortable in their work. The group lacks an effective leader.


However, one danger sign was the personality of the MGI team foundersthey had a history of not getting along with outsiders very well as indicated in the case. Members are interested in getting to know each other and discovering what is considered accepted behavior in determining the real task of the group, and in determining group rules pg.

The team started their first meeting in early February and by mid March after several meetings; they did not even have the first draft of the business plan which was due in 3 weeks for submission.

The goal that has been described here means the lack of explaining and giving direction from one to another. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Team members in this stage exhibit a sense of mutual responsibility and concern for henryy another as they carry out their work pg.

The group really begins to come together as jgi coordinated unit. From the perspective of formal organisation, it was equally disastrous. It was a complex dynamic.

Henry Tam and Mgi Team

Advantageous roles are defined by the text as the powerful and interrelated of task-facilitating and relationship building roles among effective teams. For example, the case states that: Most successful annd and managers, deal with multicultural challenges in one of four ways: Harmonizing in this case shows that team members mediate between differences between others to find the common ground in disputes.


Sasha had strong working experiences in both MNCs as well as start-ups. Dana and Henry were both HBS students but on paper, they had no track record in nenry start-up companies except coming from an Ivy League university.

This is a period of high emotionality and tension among the group members. Henry and Dana were the mainly contributing to outcome; tender were twm Inhalations AT work contributed Trot toner team members. A group of highly talented people does not mean guaranteed success. Sasha should try to accommodate his needs regarding group meetings and group activity.

This is something that should have been done at the formation of their group, so damage is henty done. He was using the compromising technique.

Henry Tam & The MGI Team

There was no cohesion; Roman was disagreeing within the Russians and Henry and Dana were disagreeing with Sasha and vice versa. Henry should then keep a close watch in the uenry two weeks to ensure the team members communicate smoothly with each other. Therefore, time will be likely longer to reach the agreement.

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