Heresies of Westcott & Hort – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Brooke Foss Westcott () John Anthony Hort () On the other side, their opponents have leveled charges of heresy, infidelity, apostasy, and. Meet the men whose disbelief compelled them to change the Bible – Wescott and Hort. See the heresy in their own words, and why they were determined to.

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Many would be used as animals by their cruel masters.

A strange mental adjustment must be made on the part of those who follow Dr. Page 7 for an illustration of erroneous thinking that completely negates the value of this apparent orthodoxy.

The Thinking, Theories and Theology of Drs. Westcott and Hort

In other words this paper is far past due. We have already seen that Dr.

It proves alarmingly that being conscientiously wrong is a most dangerous state of being. I know what I shall do to her descendants. Katherine on the slopes of Mt. The twentieth century has seen a flood of orthodox men and women fall into this trap. Is it then possible, that Dr. Truly Satanic in every respect. At any rate these manuscripts which possibly differ seven thousand times in the New Testament are guilty of deceiving those who trust in them.

So far as those who are accepting version after version are concerned, their grasp of Bible truth is being swiftly shattered, as they allow in their minds and ministry the plan of the occult to succeed.

Is the Holy Spirit given only in baptism? She recognized the fact that her son had departed from the faith once delivered to the saints, and was saddened thereby. Let every reader who uses and trusts the new Bible versions know that the doctrinal changes which are being accepted as true, are quite in accord with the thinking and theology of Westcott and Hort.


On the other side, their opponents have leveled charges of heresy, infidelity, apostasy, and many others, claiming that they are guilty of wreaking great damage on the true text of Scripture. I shall prepare scholars for this great task. They furnished the death blow to the Textus Receptus. On page 1, volume 2, he states that there are differences between the readings of Vaticanus Codex B and Sinaiticus Alephin the Gospels alone.

It savours of the type of spirit worship practiced by primitive peoples who are without the knowledge of God. Virtually every new Bible version that is highly advertised today is based upon the corrupt and contradictory Mss. But is it not much accounted for, on the evil side, by the natural revertence of the religious instinct to idolatry and creature worship and aversion to the Most High; and, ON THE GOOD SIDE, by a right reaction from the inhuman and semi-diabolical character with which God is invested in all modern orthodoxies-Zeus and Prometheus over again?

Furthermore, those influences are working precisely as Hort prophesied that they would, and as he so earnest desired, that Orthodox men and women would abandon the evangelical Bible believing position, even as he had done. We also marvel that Christians would tolerate such a proliferation in our English language, while knowing that several hundred million people do not have a single word of the scriptures in their own language.

When a man is doctrinally astray, every area of life may be influenced by the fact that the Adversary has deceived him in the realm of faith. But is seems to me the most probable manner of development, and the reflexions suggested by his book drove me to the conclusion that some kind of development must be supposed. What I fear is that Mr.


Almost all Anglican statements are a mixture of the true and the Romish view: Circumstances had made her an adherent of the Evangelical school, and she was to a certain degree hampered by it; the Oxford movement filled her with dread and anxiety lf to its possible effect on her son.

Please hrot in mind also that the new Bible versions are all greatly influenced by the conniving and deliberate deception of these men.

Westcott and Hort

He was mainly responsible for the wording of the oath that binds the members to a conspiracy of silence. He erred every time. Throughout his life, Hort constantly referred to Maurice in the most glowing terms of adulation and praise.

When we consider that the vast majority of modern versions of the Bible are based essentially upon these two ancient manuscripts, which are still used as witnesses against the text of the King James Version, it could be slightly disconcerting to some to remember that neresies Bible plainly tells us that witnesses which do not heresiez with each other are not witnessing truth.

I can aver that the project NASV was produced by thoroughly sincere men who had the best intentions. Taken together, they have often important bearings which few would think of at first. Sinai, still dominate the thinking of the scholars who claim to be set free from the thinking of Westcott and Hort.

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