The Fat Duck Cookbook has ratings and 23 reviews. ^ said: Here is a book for and of the alpha-fe/male; a clear statement of status, of pecking-order. Nobody goes to Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant because they are feeling a bit peckish (though it happens that a visit to the Fat Duck will sate. The Big Fat Duck Cookbook by Heston Blumenthal, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Definition left temporarily speechless, each sense fibrillates until every sense and all bluumenthal interlocks in a stay-snapping heightened pirouetting spatial awareness of utter, utterly glorious pleasures of hope and expectations fulfilled.

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook

All through the recipes section, we see 15g of this and 85g of that and I found myself wondering if the precision was not possibly part of the overall effect, if I was being presented yet another Fat Duck experience. He even has a dedicated experimental kitchen where he collaborates with academics to develop new flavour combinations and techniques. Hezton science section is more valuable than your Zen master’s stick to the blumental of your head.

If you want to step out of the ordinary into a richly original world of food, blumemthal is a very good start! Dec 15, Simon Arnall rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: As someone deeply opposed to food additives and the lies of industrial food processing, I found myself uncomfortable with some of this, although Blumenthal himself argues in favour of what ehston sees as a maligned branch of science.

There is also Heston’s history of becoming the respected driving force of “one of the best restaurant in the world”, and a whole bunch of science of cookery stuff.


Then too there are lovely illustrations by Dave McKean. In the back, you will find deadly serious essays on such matters as the effect of heat on meat protein or “ice cream blumental by himself and his entourage of university food scientists along with detailed rundowns on new kitchen tools such as refractometers. At the age of 16, Heston travelled to France with his family for the first time and became fascinated with the world of food. In a review of one of his restaurant ventures a few years back, I said I would happily remove my underwear and chuck it at the chef, Tom Jones style.

I may not cook any recipes in here in their entirety, but I’ve already taken a few of the ideas and used them in my cooking. I was given this book for Christmas. Verily, as the Great Duck himself has expounded to us, style may reach, but should never exceed, practicability. It all sums up as a remarkable work, if perhaps too lavish and even possibly contrived.

The Best Books of I’m certainly not going to bother attempting any one of the recipes. Want to Read saving….

I’m not expecting to cook any of the dishes from the recipes section, nor even sure I want to go and eat at The Fat Duck, but there are definitely lots of ideas and insights to take blumemthal. There are blogs where people have attempted to cook their way through The French Laundry Cookbook, itself some feat.

If you don’t know Heston Blumenthal, check him out.

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook : Heston Blumenthal :

But an awful lot of professional chefs will heton buy it, study the science section in detail, examine the recipes and let that influence seep deep into their hhe cooking.


In April bluenthal Fat Duck received worldwide recognition for its unique approach to gastronomy and was proclaimed The Best Restaurant in the world by the “50 Best” Academy of over international food critics, journalists and chefs.

The way food tastes can be influence Heston discusses the evolution of his cooking at his first restaurant The Fat Duck, which is a very interesting journey. He clearly demonstrates blumenthaal passion for food which shines through his revolutionary recipes and one will gain a deeper understanding of the science and flavours of food and how our senses are stimulated when eating. Unfortunately I think Blumenthal has fallen in love with himself in recent years.

It’s here you are forced to either admire Blumenthal or shake your head at the excesses of his fastidious fascination with food chemistry.

In the index to large pages, there is no mention of that staple of the Western world: May 23, DeAnna Knippling rated it it was amazing. I had fun following the chef and his train of thought throughout this book.

First, take your snails and your porridge…

For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. The way ckokbook tastes can be influenced by external factors such as the language used on the menu, the music and the setting, not just the flavours of the food itself see ‘Suggestible You’ by Erik Vance.

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. The food photography is stunning, I think, because it’s so big and Blumenthal’s food is so dramatic

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