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We described the spread of the data using the inter-quartile range and the Fligner-Killen statistic. Heat-related effects on mortality have been widely analyzed using maximum and minimum temperatures as exposure variables. Two periods were considered: This study seeks to undertake a research line in order to get to know more deeply the reality of this community.

The increases in these concentrations were more evident during full day and multiday metro strikes. The area is also characterized by the presence of different industrial emission sources, including a cement factory and a large waste management plant, as well as an intense traffic. We obtained their pneumococcal vaccination histories and used conditional logistic regression to determine effectiveness of vaccination. However, customers from banks that do not implement ISO perceived that the prices of the service available on their bank site were more economical.

El titular parte 1. Between May and July78 fleas were collected. However, discussion around this idea is new in Spain. Once a positive case is reported, the responsible physician is asked to complete a structured epidemiological questionnaire.

The survey revealed that training was perceived as the main facilitator of the HM action. There was an unstructured geographical variability. Within this context the main objective of this study is to proceed with an in-depth analysis of the labor accidents verified in Barcelona Spain using for this purpose a descriptive statistics model to test variables such as type of accident, economic sector, economic enterprise and type of labor contract.


The course syllabus and the academic weekly planning may change due academic events or other reasons.

It may cause a progressive increase of atmospheric temperature and consequently may change the amount, frequency and intensity of precipitation. In this paper a case study is presented in which the prevalence of alcohol-impaired driving is estimated for the general population of drivers.

Main components of PM10 in an area influenced by a cement plant in CataloniaSpain: For permission to use where not already granted under a licence please go to http: Socioeconomic position, parent’s education, usual diet and activity, and hours of sleep were assessed. We compared pre-post differences in dimension-specific and overall compliance-scores using one-way ANOVA for repeated measures and the Friedman statistic.

In this paper, our objective is to assess the effect of the economic recession on the spatio-temporal variation of socioeconomic inequalities in mortality in Barcelona CataloniaSpain.

Following the introduction, the The rates have varied significantly between ICUs that participated in the project for more or less than 12 months 2.

Full Text Available Purpose: If either of these tests is positive, treatment with benznidazole is started following the World Health Organization’s recommendations. Assessment of muscle mass was performed by bioelectrical impedance analysis BIA. Full Text Available One of the characteristics of Spain becoming a country of immigration is the greater protagonism that some countries have acquired which had not traditionally been a major source of migration movements towards Spain.

barcelona catalonia spain: Topics by

This work reports the detection of CanL in a farm dog located in a Pyrenean area of northwest Catalonia Spain where the disease was previously unknown. It is expected to complement this work by a deeper analysis of the contents and the topics covered in the papers presented at the conference, and by linking them with the theoretical accounting momparrt existing at that time.


Barcelona city was also in the affected area where high rainfall intensities were registered, dell just a few small floods occurred, thanks to the efficient urban drainage system of the city. A total of HCW reported being vaccinated: The results of the study were useful in validating previous findings.

The impact of extremely warm episodes on health has been analysed by a large number of studies conducted in different countries and cities, showing that heat waves events HWE can cause an abrupt increase in mortality. The universsal is governed by the following principles: In this study, PM 10 levels, trace elements, ions, and carbonaceous particles were determined for a long time period in this highly polluted area.

In order to know about the health of the population, it is necessary to perform a systematic and continuous analysis of their health status and social and economic health determinants. In conclusion, alterations in public transport have consequences on air quality.

Redacción Periodística

Results We analyzed hospital discharge data from the Catalan Health Services uistoria hospital admissions coded as infectious gastroenteritis in children under 5 for the period The quantitative implications of predicted future increases in summer temperature, however, have not been extensively characterized. Conclusion Immigrants tend to use the emergency department in preference to other health services.

This study analyzed pertussis outbreaks between and in general and according to the characteristics of the index cases. We challenge this assumption and propose two hypotheses: The measles elimination programme has been carried out since in Catalonia. The mean cost per patient was markedly higher in cases of PHN

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