June , somewhere west of Nicaragua-a site suitable for spectacular sea battles. The Admiralty has ordered Captain Horatio Hornblower, now in command. Captain Hornblower commands H.M.S. Lydia, a gun frigate on detached service. He is ordered to proceed to the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, deliver. The Happy Return (Beat to Quarters in the US) was the first of the Horatio Hornblower novels published by C. S. Forester. It appeared in The American.

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Only thing is, if you read in chronological order, as I’ve been doing, it’s suddenly very odd to have Hornblower being all wary in the face of the unknown, as represented by Bush.

Beat to Quarters by C.S. Forester

The Happy Return] [Hornblower Saga 6]. Heavy creasing and heavy edgewear; owner’s stamp on ffep.

No names, writing or bookplates. His life is further complicated by the presence of Lady Barbara Wellesley and the cavalier attitude of Spanish authorities in Panama. Hornblower proceeds along the coast alone, seeking to make prizes and cause ruin.


I welcome dialogue with teachers. Horn blower, however, has a “steely gaze” in surveying the scene with “no trace of fear”. Forester, which I just finished reading last night. Forester continues the journey of proud service and personal maturation of his beloved naval hero.

Beat to Quarters The Happy Return in British editions is sixth chronologically, but was the first hkrnblower published, and a strong case could be made for starting with this one. He retires to a deserted island, repairs his ship, and then points for England. As Lydia approaches St. Without giving too much away, I also found it odd that Forester should introduce a key fictional character closely related to a genuine important historical person, when from the storyline he could just as easily have kept it entirely fictional.

Off the coast of Panamahe encounters a Spanish lugger ; an qyarters, taking passage on the lugger, informs him of a new alliance between Spain and England against Napoleon. Streaks of discoloration on some groups of pages. Lydia, a gun frigate on detached service. I use hornbloer sometimes because I’m from the 21st century and I try very hard to forget that I am. The Commodore] [Hornblower Saga 9].


Just when things are looking up, however, the Spanish and French strike an alliance and Hornblower has to undo all the work he has done, destroying the very forces he built up.

Three volumes in sturdy original slipcase. The ocean battles were exciting and dramatic; Hornblower was a good character, and the strategies he uses were interesting and never boring. The engagement continues until the Spanish ship also is disabled and the two stricken vessels drift apart as night falls. Languages Deutsch Svenska Edit links.

Rare in this format. To this day I am baffled at the popularity of the series. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Beat To Quarters

However, he learns that his contact, one Julian Alvarado, is mentally unstable and styles himself a god among men. Want to Read Currently Hornlower Read.

This book is sixth by internal chronology of the series including the unfinished Hornblower and the Crisis. It was the first book of Hornblower adventures written by Forester, published quargers He also emphasizes the ridiculously high level of skill that must be displayed by competent ship captains while also not neglecting the role of pure luck in engagements like this.

Commodore Hornblower [UK Title: A few characters exist in the film that beaat not appear in print, even though scenes can often be identified and crossed from one version to the next. The ever-evolving dynamics of native uprisings interacting with powerful European monarchies is interesting and thought provoking.

Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles with Project Gutenberg links. We are never shown something when we can be told it; we can’t properly appreciate the complexity of commanding a warship because, instead of laying out the complexity for all to see, Forester resorts to telling us repeatedly how very, very, awfully, jolly difficult it is to be a captain, and that you must suarters a heart of gold and nerves of steel and so hornb,ower.

I have previously commented on this site that i consider myself to be unoffendable – sex, violence, drug use, swearing, whatever – the part of my brain that is supposed to rail against these things has packed up and left and has left all its duties up to whichever hemisphere or cortex says things like, “Oh, isn’t that fascinating! Mar 10, Ruth Wilson rated it really liked it. It’s the kind of artform that peaked in the late Victorian era but continued until the Empire had been completely dismantled, whose aim is not aesthetic beauty or intellectual daring, but to produce hornglower idealised hkrnblower of society.


Wow, the half of series. The Admiralty has ordered Captain Horatio Hornblower, now in command of the thirty-six-gun HMS Lydia, to form an alliance against the Spanish colonial government with an insane Spanish landowner; quarhers find a water route across the Central American isthmus; and “to take, sink, burn or destroy” the fifty-gun Spanish ship of the line Natividad or face court-martial.

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Beat to Quarters [UK: The Happy Return] [Hornblower Saga #6]

This book is in the quatrers domain in Canada, and is made available to you DRM-free. While this was publishing numbers 1, 2, and 3…since Forester went on to publish prequels and sequels…it ended up chronological numbers 6, 7, and 8.

Want to Read saving…. These men are hopelessly alone on the ocean, and the lack of communication hits home both emotionally and in terms of plot.

The packet ship she was on in the Caribbean had been captured some time ago. In his own right, Hornblower is certainly an engaging and complex character and the series is an interesting study in leadership, and a fascinating portrait of life at sea in the age of sail. Always been a fan of the Master and Commander series, and knew this was similar.

They make stilted, formal good-byes.

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